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Alaska Airlines
Alaska is the first U.S. airline to link guest participation in sustainability to loyalty with an accelerated path to elite status

Alaska Airlines excited to share a new way you can join the journey toward a more sustainable aviation future.

Now, when you book your flights with Alaska Airlines, guests will have the option to reduce their environmental impacts by purchasing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits right in the booking path. You can choose to support SAF in an amount based on 5%, 10%, or 20% of your emissions when you book on alaskaair.com (mobile app feature coming soon!).  

Plus, Alaska Mileage Plan™ members who buy SAF credits can earn elite-qualifying miles (EQMs) for their contributions! For every $100 spent on SAF, you’ll score 500 EQMs (up to 5,000 EQMs per year), giving you a boost on your journey to elite status. 

Now, when you’re booking your trip, you’ll see SAF credit options in the booking process as part of the other options, powered by climate technology company, CHOOOSE. The SAF credit option is based on carbon emissions associated with the guest’s flight and follow the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Recommended Practice 1726 (Passenger CO2 Calculation Method). This calculation method leverage parameters including  aircraft fuel consumption, flight path, seat configuration, cabin class, and load factors sourced directly from Alaska’s operational data.   


How it works:

The example above is a simplified calculation to demonstrate what you can pay to address the carbon emissions of your booked flight(s) (excluded service fees).


The EverGreen journey 

Alaska Airlines has prioritized immediate actions and long-term investments –being the first airline to remove plastic straws, water bottles and cups on board – aimed to reduce the carbon emissions and waste, and to protect local ecosystems. Alaska Airlines know it can’t make this journey alone and are working closely with innovative partners across the globe to inform the sustainability work and enable new solutions for the future. 




SAF is a safe and certified fuel that, according to IATA, can slash carbon emissions by a whopping 80% or more over its lifecycle. And the best part? It can be used in all the aircraft and fuel systems they already have. Since 2010, Alaska has worked with a coalition of partners to drive the growth of the SAF market.



These efforts include programs with Microsoft and other companies to offset employee business travel. Alaska Airlines has also been working with universities and scientists to stay up to date on all the latest research and knowledge when it comes to SAF. Plus, advocated for public policy to help advance SAF. 

May 15, 2024

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