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The Fives Hotels & Residences
The Beachfront offers a collection of beachfront suites designed to immerse its distinguished guests in unparalleled luxury

With great enthusiasm, The Fives Hotels & Residences proudly announces the official opening of its latest gem in the lush Riviera Maya: The Beachfront by The Fives Hotels! This adult-only, sublime creation, emblematic of the brand's commitment to excellence and sophistication, opened its doors in January 2024, promising an unforgettable stay to those longing to discover a magical corner on the paradisiacal shores of Xcalacoco beach.

Nestled on an idyllic stretch of coastline, The Beachfront offers a collection of beachfront suites designed to immerse its distinguished guests in unparalleled luxury. From its magnificent rooms, panoramic ocean views unfold, transforming each sunrise into a spectacle that will revolutionize your senses.

But the delight doesn't end there. The Beachfront by The Fives Hotels enhances its offering with an exclusive private beach club, where fortunate visitors can unwind on the soft white sand and dip into the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. Here, amidst premium services and amenities, time seems to stand still, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in an oasis of serenity and pleasure.




What sets The Beachfront apart is its ability to personalize every experience, thanks to a select team of ambassadors dedicated to understanding and satisfying the most intimate desires of its guests. With only 38 rooms, this retreat stands as the perfect setting for romantic getaways or moments of pure relaxation, where wellness intertwines with every detail. Here, you can pamper your body with rejuvenating activities like yoga or spa treatments.

In this sanctuary of Boho Chic style, the sounds of the sea and the gentle breeze become inseparable companions during breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, whether at the cozy restaurant, the refreshing pool, or the beautiful beach. Here, luxury is lived carefreely, in a relaxed atmosphere that invites travelers to shed their worries and be carried away by the magic of the moment.

With a diverse and tempting gastronomic offering, including 24-hour room service and themed experiences like Arabian nights on the beach, The Beachfront positions itself as a culinary oasis where its dishes and elaborate cocktail offerings will transport you to a culinary paradise. Additionally, its privileged location allows guests to explore a vibrant scene of restaurants, bars, shows, and nightlife on foot, all included in the price of their stay.

The Beachfront by The Fives Hotels is not just a destination; it is a unique experience that will be deeply engraved in the hearts of those seeking an exceptional escape in the beautiful Riviera Maya.

Feb 28, 2024

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