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July 23 2024 / 05:18 PM
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More than 380 hotels in more than forty countries

More than 380 hotels in more than forty countries prove the success of Meliá Hotels International unique way of understanding and living leisure. With a perfect union of mind and heart, Meliá continues to build a successful business that is a worldwide benchmark under the following brands:


Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts | Factsheet


Gran Meliá evokes the essence of Spanish culture: simple pleasures, connection with the earth, respect for things well done and a discreet elegance perceived in every corner.

This philosophy is materialized in each of the elements that shape the Gran Meliá experience. From the extraordinary architecture of the hotels and the quality of the cuisine evoking local flavours, to the warm and respectful nature of the service. Even the smallest detail is deeply rooted in the Spanish style.

The Gran Meliá experience reveals a unique appreciation for the authenticity of the everyday, the creativity and talent of Spanish culture.


ME by Meliá | Factsheet


ME by Meliá is a collection of hotels in which culture, lifestyle and The ME People community come together to create an inimitable personality.

ME hotels, present in cultural and trend capitals, reflect with their own voice the spirit of contemporary European culture. Artists, staff and guests become the true creators of ME.

Each hotel is connected to the destination, becoming the social epicentre of the city and attracting the best of the local cultural scene. Music, art, design, fashion and gastronomy make up the ME scene to provide visitors with an experience beyond accommodation.


Paradisus by Meliá | Factsheet


Located at some of the most famous or emerging tourist locations in the world, Paradisus resorts transport their guests to a paradise that reflects the natural beauty of their destination.

Aware of its responsibility to nature, Paradisus by Meliá is strongly committed to the environment surrounding its resorts, and integrates into it in a balanced manner.

The narrative of being in harmony with the destination is reflected in all elements of Paradisus. From the locally inspired cuisine to the organic products in its rooms.​​


Meliá Hotels & Resorts | Factsheet

Melia Hotels & Resorts logo.jpg

Meliá Hotels & Resorts puts their soul and passion into everything they do so that their guests can live a unique experience, full of the warmth and the hospitality that are so typical of the Spanish origin.

Every detail and every moment are impregnated with the care and skill of all the people who are part of this, Meliá's most emblematic brand. Their passion is conveyed in every corner, in every object, making the guests’ stay something memorable, where wellbeing and comfort reach their maximum expression. Welcome to the place where everything has a soul.


INNSIDE by Meliá | Factsheet

INNSIDE by Meliá Logo.jpg

The select boutique hotels of INNSIDE by Meliá emanate character and personality with a design conceived for and adapted to the lifestyle of work trippers.

At INNSIDE, the boundaries between work and leisure disappear. Its innovative services and impressive spaces produce unique surprises, offering excellent value for money. In an European design setting, its spaces open up to communication, creativity and the unexpected, encouraging business interactions and facilitating social experiences with little details that will satisfy all kinds of professionals.


Sol by Meliá | Factsheet

Sol by Melie Logo.jpg

Through its extensive portfolio of brands, Sol by Meliá offers modern resorts at beach destinations. Characterized by its quality service and a welcoming environment, Sol by Meliá reinterprets the vacation experience for each guest, adapting to their age and lifestyle, and always maintaining an affordable price.

Its more than 65 resorts, located at the beachfront of the best tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde, Caribbean and Southeast Asia, create unique and memorable experiences for all those who visit them.


Meliá PRO

Melia Pro Logo.jpg

Meliá's unique way of creating long-lasting relationships based on trust also extends to the professional sector with Meliá PRO, a platform aimed at the B2B clients and designed to offer them the best advantages and exclusive benefits, as well as make their day-to-day easier, more comfortable and smarter. All of this with Meliá's signature personal touch and Spanish warmth, showing them there is a more rewarding way of working: together.

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