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Cruise lines offer some of their best deals for the coming year during Wave Season

Traditionally, cruise lines offer attractive “wave season” promotions in January, February and into March, so they can get every sailing as fully booked as possible at the start of the year. Think of wave season as the cruise industry’s version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 


Book Early 

While there are deals throughout the year, cruise lines try to offer the best deals to those who book early. Snagging a wave season promotion is especially valuable if you’re planning to travel during a peak travel period—not just for pricing, but so you can get the ship, cabin and itinerary you want.  

When you see a good deal, it’s important to book quickly, travel advisors stressed.  

Perry shared the example of two bookings she recently made, a month apart. The earlier booking cost $1,000 less per person for the same ship, departure date and cabin category. 


Consider the Perk

Often, if a better promotion comes out later in the year, the cruise lines will let you take advantage of the lower fare, and many travel advisors track these for their clients. However, because the savings are often wrapped up in different combinations of perks, comparing deals can be complicated.  


Get Expert Help

Since each ship, and even some specific sailings, caters to different tastes and interests, it’s important not to choose a cruise on price alone. A good travel advisor knows what each cruise line/ship has to offer and what to look for when comparing promotions and options to find the right cruise for you at the best price.   

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