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July 17 2024 / 01:15 PM
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Sandos Hotels & Resorts
Packing for an all-inclusive stay at Sandos just got easier!

The Sandos Mexico team has come up with a list of things you should pack to enjoy the wether and the beach to the fullest at your stay with Sandos Hotels & Resorts:


Clothes and Accessories for All Year

During the day
The most important thing is enjoying the beach, so pack your sunglasses, your bathing suits and your flip flops.

If you’re coming to Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we recommend a pair of water shoes to go in the ocean! It’s always hot during the day at all of our resorts, so shorts and a lightweight shirt or blouse are ideal for your casual clothes. Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste.

For Having Fun
If you plan on participating in any adventure activities or sports during your vacation, we recommend bringing a pair of sneakers, especially if you’re leaving the hotel to participate in an ATV tour, jungle tour, etc. And of course, you’ll want beach toys for the kids and sunblock for all ages. Don’t forget to bring your camera (or cell phone with camera) to capture the most amazing memories from your vacation!
During the day

Keep in mind that our buffet restaurants don’t allow guests to enter with wet clothes or swimsuits; it’s a good idea to pack a beach cover-up dress for ladies and a shirt with sleeves for men so you can easily get into the breakfast and lunch buffets during a day at the pool or beach.

At night

For dinner at the à la carte restaruants, the dress code is smart casual: this means that you need to wear shoes or sandals (no flip flops), men’s shirts must have sleeves, and bermuda-style shorts are allowed.

Giving Back 
All of our Mexico resorts participate in the “Pack for a Purpose” program. This organization gives travellers (like you!) the chance to have an impact on the communities near our resorts when you travel. You can participate with us in Pack for a Purpose just by following these easy steps:

• Leave a few pounds worth of extra space in your suitcase.
• Use this space to pack donations for the local community, like school supplies and household items.
• Leave your donations with us here at your Sandos Mexico resort.


Seasonal Accessories

If you check the weather forecast before you travel, keep in mind that it’s very common to see forecasts of rain in our destinations on the Caribbean coast (Cancun and Playa del Carmen). Don’t worry too much; since this is a tropical destination, typically we have sunshine every day with short bursts of rain that last a half hour or less – if it even rains at all. From January through May, we usually have very little rain in Cancun and Playa del Carmen and the rains during the rest of the year are mostly of short duration, and in Cabo San Lucas it only rains on average one day per month throughout the year.
If you’re traveling November – February…
Winter on the beaches of Mexico is much calmer than winter in countries further north; here you’ll never see snow or ice, and you can still use your swimsuit during the daytime, no problem. However, we do suggest packing a light jacket and a pair of pants because sometimes it can get cool at night.
If you’re traveling March – May…
The springtime on the Mexican coast brings more sunshine and more heat. During these months, we recommend packing a hat with a brim so you can have extra protection from the effects of spending a long time in the sun.
If you’re traveling June – October...
These months bring more rain, which serves as a refreshing break from the summer heat. In this season you just need to pack an umbrella, preferably a compact umbrella that will fit easily into your luggage.


See You Soon!

As you can see, packing for your next Sandos vacation is very easy, and since all of our resorts are All Inclusive, you won’t have to worry about a thing once you arrive at our beaches. 

Original story can be found on Sandos’ Blog here

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