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Sandos Hotels & Resorts
This is how Sandos is giving its guests “Reasons to Smile” by making a difference in creating memorable vacations

Sandos Hotels & Resorts' main goal is to offer their guests from across the globe the most memorable all-inclusive getaways in some of Mexico’s and Spain’s most desirable beach destinations. One of the most important things about offering one-of-a-kind getaway experiences is finding various ways to give guests a reason to smile. Read more to find out how is Sandos giving its guests “Reasons to Smile” by making a difference in creating memorable vacations.


What is “Reasons to Smile” About?

Reasons to Smile is a new and innovative way to enhance the guest experience at each of the chain’s nine properties across vacation hotspots in Mexico & Spain. More reasons to smile mean that guests will enjoy their all-inclusive vacation even more, creating lasting memories with those that they love most. Sandos Hotels & Resorts boast unique experiences for travelers, unmatched by other hotel chains. All types of travelers can enjoy an experience specifically tailored to their ideal vacation.


How is Sandos Giving Guests More Reasons to Smile?

When it comes to offering guests unforgettable beach vacations, Sandos Hotels & Resorts are leaders. Sandos offers a wide range of all-inclusive amenities and services that completely transform the getaway experience of travelers from across the globe. So, how can Sandos give you and your loved ones more reasons to smile during your vacation? Here are some of the many benefits you will find when visiting one of Sandos' properties in Mexico and Spain.

Desirable Beach Destinations

Sandos Hotels & Resorts takes pride in their wide selection of desirable beach destinations in Mexico and Spain. In Mexico, Sandos' resorts provide an unparalleled experience from the stunning Riviera Maya to the mountainside of Los Cabos. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and powdery white sand, this tropical haven captivates the hearts of the guests.

Moving across the Atlantic, Sandos' Spanish beach destinations are equally captivating. From the picturesque islands of Ibiza and Lanzarote alongside the desirable city of Benidorm. Sandos' resorts in Spain provide the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, Sandos Hotels & Resorts has the ideal beach destination waiting for you. 

Daily and Nightly Activity Programs

When you are on vacation, you are in search of finding an endless amount of ways to have fun and put even more smiles on your face. Luckily for those who choose Sandos Hotels & Resorts, the fun never stops during the day and night. During the day and the night, guests are able to find various activities, games, and live performances to take advantage of during their vacation. 


Sandos Playacar:

  • Night Activities: Live tribute performances, themed parties, music, and nightclub.
  • Day Activities: Snorkeling, kayak tours, catamaran rides, and beach volleyball.

Sandos Caracol:

  • Night Activities: Fire shows, Mayan performances, cultural experiences, and beach parties.
  • Day Activities: Eco-tours, animal sanctuary, biking, swimming in freshwater cenotes, and grand water park with over 20 slides for all ages.

Sandos Cancun:

  • Night Activities: Live jazz music, piano bars, cocktail lounges, and theatrical performances.
  • Day Activities: Water sports, spa, and beach activities.

Sandos Finisterra:

  • Night Activities: Live music, bars, clubs, and themed nights.
  • Day Activities: Pool areas for adults and families, beach activities, and sightseeing.


Sandos Monaco:

  •  Night Activities: Entertainment shows, music, bars, and themed parties.
  •  Day Activities: Poolside relaxation, spa, fitness activities, and local excursions.

Sandos Benidorm Suites:

  • Night Activities: Evening entertainment, live music, bars, and karaoke.
  • Day Activities: Swimming pools, sports activities, children’s clubs, and nearby beaches.

Sandos Atlantic Gardens:

  • Night Activities: Live music, lounge bars, evening entertainment, and games.
  • Day Activities: Relaxing by the pool, spa treatments, excursions, and hiking.

Sandos Papagayo:

  • Night Activities: Live music, shows, bars, and themed events.
  • Day Activities: Water sports, beach activities, cycling, and fitness classes.

Sandos El Greco:

  • Night Activities: Evening entertainment, live music, bars, and shows.
  • Day Activities: Swimming, beach walks, nearby attractions, and cultural tours.

International Cuisine Options

Food is one of the main staples of every guest’s memorable beach getaway experience, and at Sandos Hotels & Resorts, guests will find a variety to choose from at each of the hotels. If there is one thing that Sandos knows, it’s that good food always makes their guests (and their taste buds) smile. The company's commitment to culinary excellence is reflected in the diverse and mouthwatering international cuisine options available at each of the hotels. Prepare your taste buds for a global journey as you embark on a culinary adventure with Sandos Hotels & Resorts.

Ideal Locations

Sandos understands that for many, their vacation experience doesn’t just include staying at the resort. Each of Sandos' international properties is ideally located close to city centers. This allows guests to venture out of the resort to participate in a wide range of activities. Whether it be going into town to shop for something to bring back home, interacting with the local culture, or indulging in various excursions, Sandos' ideal situation in each of the destinations provides an array of unique and memorable opportunities.

Outstanding Accommodation Options for All Types of Travelers

Sandos aims to make their guests feel like their accommodations are like their home away from home. Through intricate designs, premium amenities, and maximum comfortability, each of the resorts offers amazing options for all types of travelers. Whether you are traveling with your family, a special someone, friends, or alone, you will be able to find the accommodation that best fits your unique needs. For a full list of Sandos' accommodation options, visit Sandos.com, choose your desired destination, and explore the options Sandos Hotels & Resorts offer.


Specialized Internal Events and Programs for Sandos' Employees 

Sandos Hotels & Resorts takes great pride in the services and amenities they offer travelers. That is why it is essential to take special notice and show appreciation for the people that make all of the magic happen. To ensure continuous smiles for not only Sandos' guests but for the company's employees as well, the chain is constantly integrating various events, programs, and services for the employees so that they can continue to grow personally and professionally. 


Are You Ready to Have More Reasons to Smile?

If you want to smile more and create unforgettable experiences with those you cherish the most, then it’s time to book a vacation at Sandos Hotels & Resorts. Don’t wait any longer to book the getaway of your dreams.

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