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50 years of experience as the world’s leading walking/hiking and cycling company as well as having guided cultural and wildlife tours with a responsible travel focus.

It's all about adventure. That is what Exodus was founded upon 50 years ago in 1974, and what the company is still all about. Discovering countries, cultures, environments, cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts and jungles; exploring this amazing planet we all live on.

"At Exodus Adventure Travels, we know what makes you tick when it comes to adventures. It’s a desire shared by so many others. A yearning to visit new places and come home with a real sense of what they’re all about. This means delving into local traditions, cultures, cuisine, lifestyles – anything that contributes to its unique identity. At the same time, we always remember that we are only guests. So we travel courteously and respectfully, in smaller groups to minimize our impact, to ensure that every Exodus holiday is a beneficial experience for everyone involved."

"This is a philosophy we take with us around the world, helping you reach some incredible destinations on 500+ itineraries across over 90 separate countries. We also strive to provide as much flexibility and choice as we possibly can, making it simple for you to experience a very different adventure."


50 years’ Experience

Exodus Adventure Travels' proven track record allows travellers to book with confidence, safe in the knowledge they are travelling with an experienced tour operator.  

Product Range

Exodus offers the largest collection of active trips in the industry with 150 hiking trips and 90 biking trips worldwide. Their expansive product range ensures that they have trips for every level of ability from first timers to hardened enthusiasts.  

Loyal Repeat Clients

Exodus boasts a 60% traveler return rate, which means that when passengers choose Exodus, they will likely choose them again, year after year. Over 97% of clients who have travelled with exodus will happily recommend them to friends.  

Small Groups, Big Adventures

Clients will join like-minded people with a wide demographic. Solos, couples and friends travelling together from all around the world. Exodus Adventure Travels groups are generally a 50/50 split of couples to solos and with an average age of 49. Their key demographic is 45-70 years old.  

Where Exodus Stays

From camping in the desert to low rise family run hotels, converted farm houses and luxury safari lodges, Exodus provides quality authentic, clean and comfortable accommodation which is well appointed and characteristic of the destination. Their accommodation is locally owned and operated with a 3 to 5 star standard across the board.  

Local Leaders, Local Knowledge

Exodus guides have been chosen not only to look after your well-being but also to ensure you learn about the places, people, wildlife, history and culture of the places that we visit from passionate local leaders.


Walking & Hiking Tours

Walking and trekking is in Exodus' DNA. With humble beginnings 50 years ago when they led some of the first group trekking trips through the Nepalese Himalaya, they now offer the best range of walking holidays worldwide. Exodus' trekking leaders are some of the most experienced hikers on the planet today, and long-running relationships with the local partners in each country ensure they are always giving back to the communities they visit. Exodus Adventure Travels uses local leaders where possible, stay in locally owned accommodation and pay some of the highest wages on big peaks like Kilimanjaro.

View Walking & Trekking Holidays Here


Cycling Tours

A bike lets you travel at your own pace, has minimal environmental impact and best of all, helps you finish your trip with a massive sense of achievement, and perhaps a little more fitness than when you started. Exodus has a team of dedicated cycling experts who are crafting the perfect adventures by bike and always working to improve their old favourites so there is plenty of variety to get you dreaming. The majority of their group trips are fully vehicle supported and they have e-bikes available on some of the popular European itineraries.

View Cycling Holidays Here


Winter Tours

If you thought a winter holiday began and ended with downhill skiing, then think again! Getting out into the snow is not just about enjoying the views (although they are pretty spectacular), but the sense of achievement when you realize you have just skied 15km in a day, walked on a glacier, led a team of huskies across Lapland or simply that you stayed up all night to see the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. Snowshoeing through ankle-deep powder, cross-country skiing among snow-veiled pines, or ‘mushing’ huskies across frozen lakes and sharing bright-eyed smiles with Sami reindeer herdsmen, with not a lift queue in sight, evokes quite a sensational feeling. Exodus’ winter activity trips are winter tours with a difference! Cover a pretty landscape with some white stuff and your panorama is transformed into a beautiful winter playground. Relish every backdrop this winter with a difference and either glide through on skis, make your own tracks with snowshoes or mush your own dog team for a truly memorable experience.

View Winter Holiday Trips Here


Mixed Activity Tours

Can’t decide what you want to do on holiday or want to try it all? Exodus' mixed activity holidays offer a new challenge each day, whether you’re learning a new skill or simply discovering a fresh perspective of a different culture. You could be zip-lining through Costa Rica’s rainforest; kayaking along the beautiful Dordogne; wildlife watching as you canoe the Zambezi River. You could be cycling through Vietnam’s rice paddies; whitewater rafting the wild beauty of the Pyrenees; or canyoning in Spain’s wild Sierra de Aitana. For a winter holiday with a difference, their mixed-activity winter trips are the perfect introduction to life in the snow, and include cross-country skiing, dogsledding and igloo building, all in stunning snow-wrapped landscapes.

View Mixed-Activity Holidays Here


Wildlife & Polar Tours

From the Arctic to the African savannah, nothing beats the thrill of being breathtakingly close to some of the world’s most incredible wildlife. It’s the splash of seawater from a whale’s tail, stepping into a bear’s snowy footprint, canoeing past a jaguar basking on a riverbank, or waking up to the sound of trumpeting elephants. Then there are the Komodo dragons in Indonesia and the orangutans of Borneo or discover Darwin’s enchanted isles on a Galapagos Cruise, look into the amber orbs of a Bengal tiger in India or catch The Great Migration thundering across the mighty Mara River. These are the kind of life-changing moments you can an expect on a wildlife holiday with Exodus.

View Wildlife and Polar Tours Here


Cultural Tours

The evocative swirl of incense in a temple, a refreshing cup of chai on a desert roadside, or the wonder of the Taj Mahal at sunrise. These are just some of the magical experiences that will leave your senses tingling on our cultural adventures. And with Exodus' expert local guides you’ll go further and get closer than you’ve ever been before. Their cultural trips are pure, simple adventures to some of the most iconic lands and civilizations on Earth; from the Mayan world to bustling streets of Beijing, an Exodus cultural holiday is designed to take you into the heart of the country.

View Cultural Holidays Here 


For all training inquires, please contact agents@exodustravels.com


BDM Information

Wendy Mills | Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Eastern USA


You can set up a virtual chat with your BDM on Exodus' agent resource site. You will also find up coming webinars, agency marketing support and other useful Exodus information.   



Exodus is putting putting Nature first. To assist with that the company is reducing the paper used for the promotional materials, offering digitals version of the brochures instead. The online brochures are available to you and your client in addition to the trip on the website. To read more about the ways Exodus is actively working to reduce the negative impacts see the sustainability policy here.

Want to promote Exodus but don’t want to link to the company's website? They understand that! That’s why Exodus has a new web resource for the Travel Agent Partners. 

Use this link to co-brand and share some of Exodus' adventures with your customers. With just a few clicks to set up your profile you can start sharing Exodus content by email or social today. If your customer is interested, all the follow up options lead directly back to you with no links to Exodus' website. Here is a recording if you would like to see the whole process in action.


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