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Exodus Adventure Travels
One lucky adventurer will be chosen to travel for 50 days, documenting their experiences around the world

 To celebrate the joy of travel, Exodus Adventure Travels marks its 50th anniversary by introducing the inaugural Radical Sabbatical program, offering an individual based in the U.S. or Canada the opportunity to travel the world for 50 days, and to share their experiences through social media.

The selected "Adventurer in Residence" in the Radical Sabbatical program will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on 50 days of travel on Exodus' small group guided tours in 2024, including airfare, accommodations and experiences of a lifetime. According to MMGY Travel Intelligence, travelers are seeking purpose, meaning, impact and connection, and are more open to experiential travel. Exodus' first 'Adventurer-in-Residence' will have the opportunity to carve a new path for themselves this year and truly discover new corners of the world, returning home with a reinvigorated sense of wanderlust. 

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or an individual dipping your toes into solo-travel, this opportunity beckons to a person whose thirst for curiosity and passion for adventure are destined to be recognized and celebrated.

Exodus Adventure Travels offers expert guided trips to more than 100 countries with themes ranging from cycling and hiking to wildlife and culture, all with the goal of sustainable and regenerative adventure travel at their core.  Whether it is enjoying a bucket-list activity like an African getaway on the Chimps & Gorillas of Uganda tour, experiencing the culinary delights of Italy on the Chianti Walking and Wine tour, or admiring the Aurora Borealis on the Iceland Northern Lights tour, there are life-changing trip options for  almost everyone.

For a total of 50 days, the "Adventurer in Residence" will be immersed in the joys of active travel including in-depth knowledge from expert local guides, the comradery of fellow travelers that comes with small group travel, and a diverse range of outdoor experiences. Exodus Adventure Travels is seeking someone who shares a passion for travel, appreciates the Earth's natural beauty, is eager to be adventurous, and would like to share their highlights of their adventures with others.

Travel enthusiasts may apply for the esteemed position of "Adventurer in Residence" by submitting a short video and brief questionnaire about their passion for active travel.  The chosen recipient will be able to document their adventures on both their own social media channels as well as @exodustravels' channels so enthusiasts may follow along with their experiences, stories and insights throughout the program.

After 50 years of cultivating connections around the world and creating trips to honor the people and culture within those destinations, Exodus Adventure Travels is proud to launch this program and to celebrate an individual who exemplifies the joy of travel.  

For more information and to apply for the Radical Sabbatical, please visit the website here or at exodustravels.com/radical-sabbatical. Applications will be accepted through April 15 with the first-ever Adventurer in Residence announced in May.

Mar 18, 2024

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