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There’s always something happening in Jamaica!

Supplier: Jamaica Tourist Board
Location: Caribbean

There’s always something happening in Jamaica! From food festivals to fashion shows, come join the Island for one or more of their local festivities.


1. Cultural Explorations

Immerse yourself in Jamaican culture with drumming sessions in Port Antonio or Accompong, vigils at Seville or chanting with Rastafarians. The variety of expressions and celebrations makes Jamaica the cultural capital of the Caribbean.


2. Music Festivals

Whether its smooth traditional jazz, contemporary artistes performing the blues, or reggae icons evoking songs of freedom, Jamaica’s music festivals are among the world’s best. They don’t just laud their own but include signature performances on the local stage from the very best such as Celine Dion, Air Supply, Michael Bolton, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and others.


3. Cycling Contests

The winding trails and roads of Jamaica provide the great test of strength and endurance for even the most seasoned riders. Ride from Kingston to Montego Bay or Negril or join in the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival and ride the trails each Spring. It’s all about the thrill.


4. Fashion Fiestas

Jamaica is the mecca of Caribbean fashion. The island hosts two major fashion events – Caribbean Fashionweek and Style Week – during the months of May and June. Designers, models and buyers descend on the island to see and showcase their mix of hot and haute.


5. Literary Festivals

Poetry readings by the water’s edge or “reasonings” under the palm trees in the gardens; the Jamaican literary landscape blooms in the spring and summer. It would not be a surprise to find poets, musicians, authors and composers sharing space with Nobel literature prize laureates at one of several festivals dedicated to the written word.


6. Bridal Shows

They show off the dress, the location and the unforgettable experiences that make that day special. The bridal shows each Spring and Fall showcase the very best of products and services for the wedding of a lifetime.


7. Track Races & Marathons

It’s the land of Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and other world class sprinters. You can choose your own pace and run for prize, glory, fun, or a cause in several of the many running events that are held throughout the year.


8. Golf Championships

Amateur and professional players can compete for a range of prizes in several tournaments on island. The year-long warm weather and challenging courses make nothing certain except the pleasure of the play.


9. Wellness Festivals

In these stressful times it is important to break away from the pack and find your “zen” – your peace. Come away for a yoga retreat on the island’s southern coast or be part of the larger gathering of like minds to learn to find your space, your place.


10. Party Events

Jamaicans celebrate everything with a party. From Emancipation to Independence to Carnival to Spring Break, there’s always a celebration happening in Jamaica. Join in!


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