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NH Hotel Group
Easily manage your clients’ reservations and access special agent perks

NH Hotel Group offers hotels and resorts for both leisure and business travelers ensuring your guests are happy and satisfied!

If you are a travel agent looking for the best hotel options for your clients, this is your space.
You will easily manage your clients’ reservations and access Special Travel Agent Rates for your personal trips.


Discover NH Hotels' Benefits for Agencies

  • Access the best prices: Public and Negotiated Rates
  • Receive the best Commissions for Travel Agencies including negotiated rates for companies
  • Create and operate different profile usernames.
  • Enjoy the Special Travel Agent Rate and save up to 22% off your personal trips with a minimum 15% off guaranteed**
  • Find up-to-date information of all NH Hotel Group properties
  • Make, manage and guarantee bookings in a fast, reliable and secure way 24/7
  • Centralized Secure Access for Travel Agency Networks
  • Personalized customer service to manage your queries and questions

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Commissions Payment Process

Commissions Payment process has never been so easy!

NH Hotel Group presents you ONYX Center Source, a platform designed to simplify all commissions management and payments. NH Hotel Group offers you a secured B2B intranet specifically designed for travel agencies, that will speed up invoicing process and allowing commissions payment within 30 days from the date agency invoice is uploaded to Onyx system.

Moreover, you will also have access to the “Onyx Support Center” and the “Customer Care Center”, always available to help you with any doubt you may have.

Want to know more about all the benefits of this platform? Just click on “Learn More”!

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