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July 17 2024 / 12:38 PM
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Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
Collect points with IBEROSTAR StarAgents Rewards Program

Sign up for the IBEROSTAR StarAgents Rewards Program and collect points for your stays at IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts.

Earn points toward valuable trips and rewards each time you book clients at IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts. Agency owners can register their agencies and pre-register agents at usa.staragents.com. Each registered agent will receive an email containing a personal StarAgents code, password and instructions on activating their account.

IBEROSTAR StarAgents Rewards:

• Receive 500 StarAgents points upon registration

• Enter your StarAgents code during your normal booking procedure

• Earn points for stays at IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts

• Enjoy the flexibility of being able to transfer points between agents

• Discover exclusive offers and promotions


Watch the StarAgents video to learn more about  the signup process:


*IBEROSTAR Specialist Training on iberostaragentincentive.com is for US agents only.


Visit iberostaragentincentive.com to learn more.

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