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Greater Toronto Airports Authority
They´re creating the airport of the future, and innovation in apron operations will directly improve the passenger experience

It’s going to be much faster, smoother and more efficient to go through Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) announced on March 17 at Terminal 1 that it is partnering with Assaia to deploy Assaia ApronAI at all 106 gates.

Using artificial intelligence, Assaia tracks every aspect of aircraft turnaround performance, physically preparing an aircraft when it lands until it takes off again for a new flight and monitoring what is happening around the aircraft in real time. The data will then be used to highlight and address inefficiencies, and provide estimates of timeliness to increase gate availability, improve on-time performance and be more transparent with passengers.

Assaia has monitored over 1.5 million flights and observed over three million turnaround events while working with Seattle Tacoma Airport, Halifax Stanfield Airport, British Airways, London Gatwick and more.


Source: Travelweek

Mar 18, 2023

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