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July 23 2024 / 06:28 PM
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St. Maarten Tourist Bureau
Photo: Arthur Lambriex, Minister of Tourism and May-Ling Chun, Director of Tourism unveil the destination's new logo

Government officials, tourism stakeholders, locals and visitors gathered in the centre of historic Front Street in Philipsburg, St. Maarten to witness the inauguration of St. Maarten Tourism Bureau’s (STB’s) new offices in the St. Joseph Building.

The event also served as the platform for the unveiling of the destination's eagerly awaited logo – “a vibrant emblem that signifies a renewed commitment to promoting the island's unique charm,” 

Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) Arthur Lambriex, alongside Tourism Director May-Ling Chun, unveiled the new office and logo, marking a pivotal milestone for STB.

Lambriex praised the opening of the new state-of-the-art tourism office as a major milestone for the St. Maarten community. “With this new hub for tourism, we have the potential to revolutionise how we promote and develop our local tourism industry,” he said. “The new office will play a crucial role in driving tourism growth. We will work to create new opportunities for visitors to enjoy our community, including cultural and recreational events. The office will also help coordinate marketing efforts and promotions to increase tourism numbers and revenue.

The new logo is “a visual masterpiece, capturing the diverse beauty and cultural vibrancy of St. Maarten, with each element within the logo weaving a captivating tale, reflecting the island's identity and the exceptional experiences awaiting every visitor" said the STB.

According to STB, the logo unveiling goes beyond a mere graphic. “It signifies a bold step into the future for STB, aligning with St. Maarten's mission to showcase the destination's unparalleled charm,” STB said.

"The grand opening and logo unveiling mark an exciting chapter for the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau,” Director of Tourism May-Ling Chun said. “Our new office and logo are not just symbols, they represent our commitment to telling the unique stories of St. Maarten and providing unforgettable experiences for our visitors. This event is a celebration of our island's rich tapestry and the promising future that lies ahead for tourism in St. Maarten.

The new location was part of the plan and work must continue, Chun said. “Together with our stakeholders, and industry partners, we will focus on the continuity of marketing our destination and increase our market share and tourism receipt. With the new branding, new campaigns and strategies that we will be executing, it is the objective to increase tourism arrivals year-round, increase occupancy for our hotels, growth for our businesses, and boost our economy.



St. Maarten Tourism Bureau officials in front of the renovated heritage building in downtown Philipsburg that will house their head office and visitor centre.

Dec 08, 2023

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