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Sandos Hotels & Resorts
The green option that takes care of our planet

Energryn is taking Mexico by storm with it’s environmental practices. Andrés Muñoz, CEO of Energryn, was working with Sandos in 2006 for over 4 years.

Since then, he came to the company to implement IT and now he offers his product with some benefits to the collaborators of Sandos.

Recently, the Quintana Roo company ¨Energryn¨ opened a solar heaters factory in Puerto Morelos (near Cancún) called Solesyto with an innovative proposal to develop environmentally friendly technology!


Sandos leads the green way with solar heaters in Mexico


Solesyto is a solar and electric water heater that promises to reduce energy consumption by up to 70% when replacing a gas boiler. This in turn avoids emissions of up to 1 ton of Co2 per year!

In an interview with Muñoz, he said that Mexico is the country with the highest solar radiation in the Americas, but we only use 5% of that radiation. He saw an excellent opportunity to undertake the project, while his father, a thermodynamic engineer with the aspiration to help people, was the one who developed the technical aspect of the project.


Sandos leads the green way with solar heaters in Mexico


Businesses with products like Solesyto are charged to set the example and convert Quintana Roo, where Sandos Cancun, Sandos Caracol, and Sandos Playacar are located, to a sustainable destination.

The heaters generate ecological benefits by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and eliminating the need to use LP gas.


Sandos leads the green way with solar heaters in Mexico


In addition, Muñoz explains that they are even working on bioplastic made from seaweed so that they can implement some pieces of that material in the heaters. Innovation to the fullest!

The best thing about this fantastic product is that it is 100% Mexican, ecological, and inexpensive. It’s a hybrid water heating system with the smallest negative environmental footprint in the world which is just what our planet needs.


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Jul 21, 2021

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