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American Airlines
New year, new goals

The new AAdvantage® status qualification year is underway. With many ways to earn Loyalty Points, the journey to status and rewards is simple.

Loyalty Points are earned toward status and can also unlock Loyalty Point Rewards starting at 15,000 Loyalty Points. The Loyalty Points balance resets to zero every March 1. This doesn’t impact AAdvantage® miles balances, which can still be used on future travel and experiences.

Each year, the Loyalty Points balance resets to zero March 1. Let the games begin: Members have 12 months to earn toward status and Loyalty Point Rewards.

Travel is better as an AAdvantage® member, and it’s even better with status. Reaching AAdvantage® status and Loyalty Point Rewards can level up travel with Priority boarding, complimentary upgrades, free checked bags and more.

This guide explores five easy ways to turn everyday spending into Loyalty Points and miles in addition to traveling on American and eligible partner airlines.

The AAdvantage program is the ultimate rewarding travel companion. If you aren’t already a member, sign up for free on aa.com.


5 ways to turn everyday spending into Loyalty Points and miles

Put everyday spending on an AAdvantage® credit card: Start earning miles and Loyalty Points1 with one of these credit cards to accelerate the path to AAdvantage® status by spending on the card. Cardmembers enjoy mileage multipliers in select categories based on the card they use.

Shop: Groceries, home renovations, pre-vacation shopping or even spending on upcoming nuptials are great ways to earn Loyalty Points and miles toward the trip of a lifetime. With the AAdvantage eShopping™ program, shop at more than 1,200 online stores and earn Loyalty Points and miles on every dollar spent. With SimplyMiles®, earn even more miles with a linked Mastercard® on purchases from select brands in store and online.

Dine out: With the AAdvantage Dining™program, dine and pay with a linked credit or debit card and earn Loyalty Points and miles for every dollar spent at restaurants. Pro tip: Earn even more when offering to pay for the bill when dining out with family and friends, and they can pay back their share.

Book a hotel: Book hotels worldwide and earn up to 15,000 Loyalty Points and miles for every stay. Learn more about AAdvantage Hotels™.

Get tickets to concerts, sporting events, theatre and more: The more events attended, the closer members can get to status or a dream vacation. AAdvantage® members can earn Loyalty Points and miles on entertainment when purchasing tickets for events on aadvantageevents.com. The new platform gives access to everything Ticketmaster has to offer, like sports, concerts, theater and other ticketed events.


Make the status journey more rewarding with Loyalty Point Rewards

American introduced Loyalty Point Rewards in 2023 to give members more rewards before, between and beyond status levels. Loyalty Point Reward levels help members customize their rewards to what they care about most, such as systemwide upgrades, complimentary status with travel partners and more.

Now members can choose Loyalty Points as their Loyalty Point Reward and speed up progress toward status and even more rewards. Loyalty Points are available as a reward choice at the 15,000, 175,000 and 250,000 Loyalty Point Reward levels.

Learn more about the different ways to enjoy the best of travel when reaching new Loyalty Point Rewards and AAdvantage® status tiers on aa.com.

Download the American Airlines mobile app to track your progress toward AAdvantage® status. AAdvantage® program participation is subject to the AAdvantage® terms and conditions, available at aa.com.


1Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for each American Airlines AAdvantage® Mastercard® credit card for more details.

Mar 11, 2024

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