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If Newark returns, it'll be KLM and Delta's 21st North America destination from Amsterdam

KLM will return to Newark next summer, according to a source. However, it hasn't been officially announced and isn't yet scheduled or bookable. If it happens, it'll be KLM's latest route addition, joining recently revealed Aarhus and Katowice.

Newark seems to fit. While KLM served Amsterdam-Newark until 2008, fellow SkyTeam member Delta replaced it from 2010 until 2018. This is similar to Air France, which will resume flying to the New Jersey airport in December following Delta's ending – also in 2018.


KLM back to Newark?

The Dutch flag carrier served Amsterdam to Newark between October 2000 and January 2008. It typically had a 1x daily service – 2x daily in summer 2006 – and variously used the MD-11, B767-300ER, B777-200ER, and A330-200. The US Department of Transportation shows that KLM carried 769,223 passengers (point-to-point (P2P) and transit) with an average year-round seat load factor of 86%.

After a two-year gap, Delta launched the route in January 2010 and ended it at the end of winter in March 2018. Like KLM, it generally operated 1x daily, mainly by the B767-300ER but also the A330-200 and, much rarer, the B767-400ER. Some 957,549 people flew it.

While United continues to serve Amsterdam (and Paris CDG) from Newark, it mainly targets P2P and Americas-bound passengers. In contrast, KLM would focus on P2P and transit passengers over Schiphol, just like Air France to/from and over CDG, which are rather different markets.


The 21st destination

As of September 22nd, KLM and Delta will serve 20 North America destinations from Amsterdam next summer (beginning March 26th). In randomly chosen mid-July, the pair's network is as follows, organized by weekly flights from OAG. There will be 254 flights, equivalent to 36 daily. If Newark materializes, it's likely to be 1x daily.

Amsterdam to...Weekly flights: mid-JulyKLM flightsDelta flightsAircraft (ordered by flights)
New York JFK352114A330-300, B787-10, B777-200ER, B787-9
Atlanta28721A330-300, B777-300ER
Detroit28028A330-300, A350-900
Los Angeles14140B787-10, B787-9, B777-200ER
San Francisco12120B787-10, B787-9, B777-200ER
Salt Lake City1037A330-200, B787-9
Toronto10100B777-300ER, B777-200ER
Washington Dulles770A330-300
Chicago770B787-9, B777-200ER
Portland (Oregon)707A330-200
Las Vegas440B787-9


18 long-haul airlines

Think Newark, think United. Next summer, the Star Alliance airline will have three-quarters of the airport's flights, according to OAG. It is, after all, a major hub and is especially strong domestically. However, other than United, 18 additional airlines (Star and non-Star) will operate long-haul passenger flights next summer – 19 if KLM does indeed take off.

Sep 23, 2022

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