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Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Cruises has unveiled its new brand positioning and identity

Photo: ‘Nothing Comes Close’ to the elevated experience of Celebrity Cruises' Martini Bar


The cruise line’s new tagline, ‘Nothing Comes Close,’ is the centrepiece of the new campaign.

‘Nothing Comes Close’ to the elevated experience of Celebrity Cruises’ Martini Bar


The new brand positioning and brand identity is premiering globally starting this week. The launch builds on the arrival of Celebrity Ascent in late 2023 and the highly anticipated debut of Celebrity Xcel in 2025.

‘Nothing Comes Close’ will be the core of the cruise line’s brand positioning from media and advertising, to travel advisors and onboard, according to the cruise line. It’s designed to capture Celebrity’s unique offering combining the intimate and thoughtful service of a small ship, with the variety and excitement of bigger ones.

Celebrity Cruises’ Infinite Veranda


Our guests tell us that Celebrity vacations are unparalleled. From the thoughtfulness of our crew, to the excitement of entertainment and activities, guests tell us that ‘Nothing Comes Close’ to the way we make them feel,” said Celebrity Cruises President, Laura Hodges Bethge. “Our new brand position packages this feeling in a memorable and compelling way.

She adds that the witty messaging and authentic imagery of the ‘Nothing Comes Close’ campaign cements Celebrity’s reputation among guests as a brand with an emotional connection that sets it apart from the rest. The brand positioning is brought to life in a way that captures the essence of a Celebrity vacation from the perspective of guests employing a technique coined ‘True Eye View’.

A ‘True Eye View’ visual from Celebrity Cruises’ new ‘Nothing Comes Close’ campaign


This isn’t just a brand campaign. This is who we are. It embodies the spirit of what sets a Celebrity Cruises vacation apart,” said Michael Scheiner, Celebrity’s Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer. “The creative direction captures and conveys the elevated emotions and transformative experiences that guests enjoy from the moment they step onboard Celebrity Cruises, where every detail is elevated beyond their expectations.


Source: Travelweek


Apr 09, 2024

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