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July 23 2024 / 06:25 PM
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Access exclusive deals including extra commission

At WorldHotels™ are making it easier than ever - no logins and all the benefits of the streamlined commission handling process!


Travel Agent Rates

Get to know WorldHotels' portfolio and benefit from the special Travel Agent Rates in applicable destinations.  (ID Required upon check-in) here!


Client Reservations

Connecting travelers to the World’s finest hotels. Enter your IATA, TIDS, TC or TRUE code to book the preferential rates & receive commissions here


Special Offers

Discover the hotels’ exclusive offers for travel agents! Collect extra commission, get exceptional discounts for your customers or stay yourself at one of the upscale properties around the world! Learn more.


Commission Handling

WorldHotels prides itself on providing punctual commission payments. Most public rates are commissionable; however, we encourage you to read rate and commission details prior to booking confirmation.

Onyx CenterSource, WorldHotels’ commission provider, processes payments via wire transfer in the currency of your choice, provided you are registered with Onyx CenterSource and bank details are provided. If you are not registered, please contact Onyx's agent support. To handle your commission correctly, it is vital the IATA and address of your travel agency on the reservation are valid. If you do not have an IATA number you may apply for a commission payment code directly at WorldHotels - please forward your request to Customer Service: customer-service@WorldHotels.com.

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