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Varadero through the eyes of Louis, a loyal traveller

Written by: Serean Bechara


As someone who has just started her journey through Cuba this year, I’m definitely not the expert (yet!). That’s why each time I have had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with Hola Sun I’ve tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

The last time I went to Cuba, I flew into Varadero, a city that I’ve never been to before. I didn’t know what to expect and was lucky to be seated beside someone who did know and who was nice enough to provide me with some recommendations.


What an expert looks like

You don't want to be getting your travel advice from someone who hasn't been around the block a time or two so let me introduce you to Louis!

Canadian-Italian traveller Louis has been coming to Cuba 1 - 2 times a year over the past 10 years (wow!). He is a loyal guest of Be Live Hotels’ properties and has been kind enough to give us an insider sneak peak at the consumer-side of a consistent traveller.


Without any further ado, let’s jump into his top recommendations…


1.  La fiesta del carbon

Location: Calle 2-a Santa Marta, Varadero, Cuba
What is La fiesta del carbon? Well, it's a fantastic BBQ restaurant also known as 'Jesus Restaurant' that is quite possibly the best restaurant in Havana.

Amazing portions, great seafood and chicken grilled right in front of you, flavourful rice and beans and Cristal beer! What more could you want?

Authentically Cuban, great ambience, and great for groups with a variety of seating.

Check them out on Facebook!


La fiesta del carbon


2. Kiki's Club

Location: Carretera Kawama y 5, Varadero, Cuba 
Kiki's Club is an adorable restaurant that's popular with Cubans and tourists alike. Where else can you find lobster and panzerotti's in the same place?

This restaurant is known for its affordable prices and its blend of Italian cuisine along with seafood. Grab a cold beer and enjoy a slice of pizza topped with shrimps if your heart desires it!

Check them out on TripAdvisor!


Kiki's Club


3. Snack Bar Calle 62

Location: Calle 62, Varadero, Cuba
Travellers looking for some fun when the sun goes down can head over to Snack Bar Calle 62 (the location is in the name so it's easy to remember where)! Salsa the night away with some fantastic mojitos and great company .

Check them out on Facebook!


Snack Bar Calle 62


4. Massage Therapy

Location: Calle 28, Varadero, Cuba
Louis told me stories about how travellers should save their money and not spend it on the spa at their resorts because you end up paying the same amount for a massage that you would in Canada, so why do it?

If your clients are looking for some inexpensive massage therapy on their trip then tell them to go to Calle 28. I didn’t get to go myself but Louis says that there’s a massage parlour on the street with great service at inexpensive prices.

What’s also on the street? Grab a bite at Pan Americana and get anything you may have missed while packing in the Dollar Store upstairs.

Explore the city and check it out!


Calle 28


5. Panaderia Dona Neli

Location: Corner Avenue 1 & Calle 43, Varadero Cuba
If anyone tells you that you can't find a good, authentic Italian bakery in Cuba then they are mistaken! Panaderia Dona Neli is an Italian bakery that our expert says you won't want to miss.

Tell your clients to take a stroll in the morning (early to avoid the lines), get some fresh pastries and enjoy the sunshine.

Check them out on TripAdvisor!


Where should you go in Varadero? The inside scoop on hidden gems!


Stay tuned for more articles on our Cuba series! Still to come…

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If you have any questions, comments, or if there’s anything else you think I should cover, please feel free to email me at sbechara@globalagents.net.


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