Evergreen / Travel agents tell us what’s most important to them while travelling

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Our subscribers are the very best travel agents around. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. That’s why we’ve been running mini-contests over the past couple months to get to know our travel agents better.

We challenged you to Wake Up with WheelsUp’s “Agent’s Must-Have Challenge”. No minimum amount of words, no right answers, and no wrong answers.

We just wanted to get to know that mysterious travel agent behind that screen because we interact with you every day. Whether it’s you reading our articles, subscribing to our newsletter, or following us on Facebook.

In the spirit of Travel Agent Appreciation Month, we’re going to share some of our favourite entries with you.


It’s All About That Washroom

Ebonie Davenport

“I need a full length mirror that is outside of the bathroom. Without it I am lost.”


William Hoh

“Knowing I have a hotel room with a shower waiting for me at the end of the day.”


Wendy Nethercott

“Being able to find a bathroom. I know…”


Travel agents tell us what's most important to them while travelling



Sheree Brown

“Comfortable seating and clothing, no delays and good weather.”


Jean Irving

“Having a clean comfortable room at a locally run hotel.”


Brenda Juba

“Must have a great bed and pillows …. + reliable internet. Exceptional service.”


Audrey Knight

“Comfortable seating on the plane, in the vehicle, at the lounge, etc.”



“A good nights sleep.”


Suzanne Sevier

“Comfortable bed and quiet room.”


Travel agents tell us what's most important to them while travelling


Specific Items

Leah Smith

“My camera. Without it I feel lost. I don’t care if my luggage takes it’s own trip. The camera bag stays on my shoulder wherever I go.”


Wendy McDonald



Sharri Silver

“I absolutely must have cell phone connectivity because I am always on call for my clients.”


Barbara Clark

“That I didn’t forget to pack some major item – something I cannot go to the store to replace, such as my passport.”


Catherine Pomales

“Comfortable shoes, wifi, money and camera. Need all of them to survive on my trips.”


Loretta Sellars

“Having my phone with me to keep in touch with family and clients and taking pictures of my travel experiences.”


Willi Green

“Comfy shoes based on the destination.”


Travel agents tell us what's most important to them while travelling



Carrie Hiebert

“Keeping your passport secure.”


Mathilde VanLeeuwen

“Safety is number one! Whether it’s flying, accommodations, or visiting a country.”


Pina Lezzi

“Passsport & insurances.”


Teresa Gogan


Check out our interview with Teresa here!


Amanda Hampton

“Safety! Ensuring that I’m in a good area and that all my transportation is safe and well maintained.”


Joseph Aligo

“Getting there and back safely.”





Deborah Hall

“New, but safe experiences.”


Debbie Brown

“Who has the Passports????”


Travel agents tell us what's most important to them while travelling



Joyce Vantrease

“Having clean restrooms…….I do not like odors !!!!! I can deal with all other aspects of travel…that is just my pet peeve.”


Doreen Rich

“Clean bathrooms.”


Sarah Reed

“Clean linens and rooms.”


Walter Edwards

“Clean, comfortable accommodations.”


Travel agents tell us what's most important to them while travelling



Angela Avers

“Getting to my Destination in a timely manner.”


Jenn Soum

“Leg Room”


Ramona Joyes

“Flight on time performance is important to me. It’s the pits when flights are delayed and that cuts into your hard earned holiday time.

But please keep in mind that its not always the airlines fault. Other factors (weather, or grounding of aircraft etc.) can make a mess of schedules as well.”


Marti Lombardo

“Not a 6am flight!”


Anthony Grillo

“Aisle seat”


David Ibarra

“Smooth end to end travel connections. On time flights with reasonable service.”


Dana Oilar

“On time airlines and easy access to plane changes.”


Brian McCarthy

“On-time flights”


Carlene Barnswell

“Spacious seats on the airplane. Why should you have to pay extra for comfort?”


Stephanie Hatch

“Hassle free trip with everything included. Checked and carry on bags, seat selection, snacks and non alcoholic drinks. Also meals on international flights.”


Peter Frinton

“Reliability/safety of transportation.”


Joline Sullivan

“Flights be on time and not delayed or canceled!”


Travel agents tell us what's most important to them while travelling



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