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July 17 2024 / 12:40 PM
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Korea Tourism Organization
Discover unique and memorable wellness programs in Korea

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism an the Korea Tourism Organization have set out to create unique and memorable wellness programs that can be experienced in Korea in four different categories:

• Beauty and Spa

• Healing and Meditation

• Nature and Forest Healing

• Traditional Korean Medicine.

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store & Spa (Seoul)
Featuring Sulwhasoo products, experienced therapists, unique rituals and special treatment tools.
Cheong Kwan Jang Spa G (Seoul)
Its signature facial and body treatment uses six-year-old red ginseng.
Herb Lab Bomdong (Seoul)
This tea cafe is run by professional doctors.


Skylake Cosmetic Cafe (Daegu)
Green company that focuses on traditional medical faith.


Cheongna Sparex (Incheon)
Drawing over 1,000 guests daily, this major establishment includes a charcoal-heated sauna and a cypress green shower room.
Herb Island Herb Healing Center (Gyeonggi-do)
This establishment uses herbs to promote good health, relaxation and beauty.
Healience Zen Village (Gangwon-do)
Known as a well-aging healing resort, this resort offers scientific programs to strengthen immunity and detox from digital devices.
Cypress Forest Healingtopia (Gyeonggi-do)
Known for boosting the immunity of weakened people.
Godwon Healing Center (Chungcheongbuk-do)
Promotes healing through meditation and deep relaxation.
Osulloc Tea Museum & Innisfree Jeju House (Jeju)
In addition to an observatory and a tea exhibition hall featuring teacups from around the world, the museum also houses a tea house where guests can enjoy tea-drinking experiences.


For more information: visitmedicalkorea.com

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