Evergreen / Playa Hotels & Resorts | Makes for an unforgettable vacation!

Out-of-the-box activities, expert staff and more!

Top 10 reasons why Playa Hotels & Resorts is the perfect place for your clients getaway:


1. It’s Focused on Wellness

Devoted to recreation and relaxation, Playa Hotels & Resorts offers state-of-theart fitness centres, thrilling sports on land and at sea, award-winning spas and specialized fitness classes.


2. It has Heartfelt Service

When greeting a guest, team members put their hand over their heart. It’s their way of saying hi – a heartfelt greeting that goes beyond languages.




3. Location, Location, Location

Playa’s resorts are located in the most lush settings with pristine beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean. They’re centrally located and within close proximity to most airports.


4. Sweet Suites

Each resort offers spacious and well-appointed guestrooms with breathtaking views and lavish amenities. From glass-enclosed showers to swim-up and oceanfront suites, there is a fit for every guest.




5. Authentic Experiences

Each resort is infused with the essence of the destination. Guests can explore the Mayan ruins in Cancun, dance to reggae beats in Jamaica or cruise to Saona Island in La Romana.


6. Inspired Dining

While visiting a Playa resort, guests can sample bold flavours such as Mongolian, Indian or Peruvian cuisine. The array of dining options is sure to satisfy every craving.


7. Live Entertainment

Guests will be amazed night after night by live performances by professional musicians and brilliant dancers.




8. Out-of-the-box Activities

When guests need a change of scenery, they can embark on extraordinary adventures, such as dance lessons, jungle tours and underwater expeditions. The options are endless!


9. Expert Staff

Known as Playa People, Playa’s associates help make vacation dreams come true. From sommeliers leading wine, rum & tequila tastings, to on-site biologists saving endangered sea turtles, Playa is proud to employ some of the industry’s best experts.




10. It’s Community Driven

Playa Hotels & Resorts takes pride in protecting surrounding communities. Each year, team members participate in beach and jungle cleanups, blood drives and reforestation.


For more information, please visit playaresorts.com



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