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Do you want to know how the Maasai really live?

Do you want to know how the Maasai really live? To know the customs of this mythical tribe to whom the Masai Mara National Reserve owes its name? The Maasai people, former warriors who have now become semi-nomadic sheperds, lend us their land to establish our accommodations and develop our activities.


How does the traveller participate in the Maasai experience?

From Olengoti Safari Camp in the Masai Mara and Pakulala Safari Camp in the Ngorongoro East Africa Camps organizes cultural visits to the Masai villages. East Africa Camps makes a financial contribution to the tribe for each traveller who enters their village, as well as promoting fair trade without intermediaries between the travellers and the Masai “moms” from whom they can buy their typical necklaces and bead bracelets.



Maasai Village Cultural Visit


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In this way, every traveller who visits one of these villages is collaborating in a sustainable way to the development of the community, understanding and respecting their way of life. The Maasai with their great hospitality will be happy to show our guests their dances, their houses and their millenary traditions. Without a doubt, an experience that will mark you forever…




Olengoti Eco Safari Camp

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Pakulala Safari Camp

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