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Living the Dream

This is the story of how Ashley and Ryson got married at Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta in November 2018 with close to 40 guests. This is how Playa Resorts gave Ashley her dream wedding, and how her unique experience working in the travel industry played a part in that.


About the Bride

Ashley Hillary never even considered having a local wedding. And with good reason. As an award-winning Luxury & Romance Travel Specialist, Ashley lives and breathes destination weddings with her clients. So it made perfect sense that when she got engaged she had sun and sand on the brain.


A Luxury & Romance Specialist has her dream wedding with Playa Resorts


Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

Why Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta? It checked all the boxes.The 335-suite resort is family-friendly, with spacious family suites, but also ideal for couples with its swim-up suites with private plunge pools.

The couple liked its great service and dining, moderately size, lush tropical surroundings and beautiful private beach.


“It’s one of those hotels that’s difficult to describe until you actually see and experience it for yourself. There’s a special feeling that you get once you arrive and you instantly feel connected to it. Nearly all rooms are ocean view and set so close to the sea, you can actually hear (and often see) the crashing waves from your bed.”


Wedding venues at Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta include a rooftop wedding deck and oceanfront gazebo. But for Ashley and Ryson, it was all about the beach.


A Luxury & Romance Specialist has her dream wedding with Playa Resorts


Wedding Ceremony

The couple was able to personalize their Big Day with a special dance floor, specific lighting for the reception, a custom “Circle of Love” ceremony backdrop with pampas grass and orchids, and, in a stunning touch, a clear acrylic aisle runner on the beach, making for a grand entrance for Ashley’s walk down the aisle for the I do’s.

In fact it was during the beach ceremony set-up that Ashley had a won’t-ever-forget-it moment.


“My bridal party and I were getting ready in the Penthouse Suite on the wedding day and I happened to look down to the location of our ceremony on the beach, and I saw Ryson for the first time, wearing his suit and looking so handsome. The combination of seeing him standing there and hearing the ceremony music begin was almost too much to take. I was completely overwhelmed by emotions and desperately fighting back the tears – yet it was one of the most exciting times in my life. I’m not sure how I didn’t cry my way through the entire ceremony but as soon as our eyes met, I couldn’t stop smiling.”


A Luxury & Romance Specialist has her dream wedding with Playa Resorts


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