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American Society of Travel Advisors
You advocate for your clients, and ASTA advocates for you

As a professional travel advisor, you help people make magical memories. ASTA gives you tools, training, and information to help you do that, and they tell your story. You advocate for your clients, and ASTA advocates for you. 

For more than 90 years, ASTA has been travel advisor evangelists—they tell your story to the world, turning consumers into true believers in the value you provide. ASTA is your voice in the nation’s capitol and state capitols around the country, advocating for policies that benefit your business and protecting you from those that don’t.  

But what does ASTA do for you, the individual travel advisor or travel business owner? You need the tools to help you attract customers and run your operation more efficiently—and ASTA has got your toolkit. 


Here are just a few ways ASTA helps members’ businesses grow and thrive: 

And so much more! 


Whether you’re an independent travel advisor or part of a large agency, you can’t afford not to be a member of ASTA. Not only does ASTA helps you grow your business, but your support means that they can keep doing all the great work on behalf of travel professionals everywhere.  

Start taking advantage of all your membership has to offer! If you're not a member, or if your membership is coming to an end, join or renew your ASTA membership here.


Dave Bowman originally wrote this feature for the 2023 Travel Advisor Magazine.

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