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July 17 2024 / 12:29 PM
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Meet Sandos Hotel & Resorts BDM Anne Palardy!

Meet Sandos Hotels & Resorts’ new BDM Anne Palardy! 

1. When and where did you start your career in the travel industry?

My name is Anne Palardy and I am very happy to have joined the wonderful Sandos sales team a few months ago. I am based in Montreal and I covering the east part of Canada, Ottawa,Province of Quebec and Maritimes.

I am part of the tourism industry since 30 years ago as a destination representative in Acapulco and sales department for Multitours who became Transat.


2.Where your favourite place to travel to?

I love Europe. It makes me feel like home.


3.Whats next on your travel bucket list?

On my bucket list there is Thailand and Vietnam among others:)


4.Who’s your favourite music artist?

Melissa Ethridge...wow.....I have seen her for the first time in Montreal at the Jazz Festival this summer...What an artist!!!What a show!!


5.Whats your favourite movie?

My favourite movie of all is the English Patient directed by Anthony Minghella and played by Kristin Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, Ralph Fienes and Willem Dafao..It was in 1996

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