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July 23 2024 / 05:19 PM
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Bahia Principe
Larger rooms for bigger and better family fun!

At Bahia Principe, our Family Master suites, has a capacity to accommodate up to 6 people. These suites are perfect for making the kids feel independent while the parents get a little privacy with two separate, but connected rooms.

Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo Family Master Suite

Your children will be filled with joy when they enter their room with a gift basket of sweets, a mini-bar with milkshakes and soft drinks, and a super convenient location next to the water park.

Grand Bahia Principe Coba - Water Park & Slide

You’ll find these fabulous rooms in the following hotels: Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Grand Bahia Principe Coba and Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa.

Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa - Scout Bag, Slippers and Shirt


Don't forget these important selling tips:

• The Family Master Suite has 2 adjoining junior suites • Family amenities are included • Close to the waterpark • Fits up to 6 guests

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