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July 17 2024 / 01:05 PM
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Find out why virtual reality is good for the travel industry

In an industry first, Travelweek has announced a virtual reality platform, called Xplr VR, that give travel agents an innovative new way to attract new clients, retain existing clients and increase their business and brand. However, some agents are unclear about how the new technology can help them increase their sales.

Here are some of the best reasons to jump on board with this exciting new technology now:

1. It shows off a destination

Imagine being able to transport your clients to the destination you are trying to sell without ever leaving home. Instantly give your clients a tour of far-off beaches, exciting nightlife and amazing hotel rooms to inspire them to book now.


2. It's engaging!

Use Virtual Reality as an exciting new tool to engage with clients and get them excited about travel. VR is fun and on trend, and the perfect ice breaker that can jumpstart new and lasting client relationships.


3. It gives them an edge over OTAs.

With Virtual Reality, travel agents can offer clients something online travel agencies cannot. Use this cutting-edge technology to show clients that you're on trend and knowledgeable, and they will reward you with their trust and loyalty.  5 reasons how virtual reality can boost agents' sales 3


4. It attracts foot traffic.

Take advantage of the fact that it is still brand new technology that's causing buzz around the world. People are naturally curious about Virtual Reality and are very interested in trying it. Reel them in from the street with promotional materials and social media.


5. It improves your product knowledge.

This isn't just a selling tool, but also an important learning tool. Agents can use this exciting technology to learn more about destinations they haven't been to. Getting a visual of a particular destination or hotel will increase your confidence in selling it to clients.  xplr_news_img


For more information visit xplrvr.com


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