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New 2018 trips with great savings

SUPPLIER: Trafalgar Tours
LOCATION: Asia/Pacific

Trafalgar has launched its 2018 Asia program offering travellers 22 curated journeys that capture the contrasts of the diverse continent. The comprehensive collection features five new itineraries, each tapping into the themes of spirituality, nature and colonial discovery.

What can your clients save?

In celebration of the new 2018 program, clients can save 10% with Trafalgar’s Early Payment Discount when paid in full by January 11, 2018.*

With the 2018 Asia program, agents can also highlight the Join Trafalgar sustainability initiatives to their increasingly socially-conscious customer-base. Guests can visit supported projects such as Cambodia’s Phare Circus which trains disadvantaged youth in visual arts.

For those that want to take their trip to the next level, Me to WE experiences offer volunteer opportunities such as in Rajasthan, where they can actively contribute to a local development project.


New Trafalgar Trips

NEW trips featured in Trafalgar’s 2018 Asia program include:

Spiritual Japan | 9-day
• Homing in on Land of the Rising Sun’s more ethereal experiences, this trip traces ancient rituals and sacred spaces throughout Osaka, Mt Koya, Shirohama, Shima, Iga, Nabari and Kyoto. Travellers will experience extraordinary rituals performed throughout millennials through visits to the birthplace of Shingon Buddism, and monastery lodgings where local monks will treat them to a feast of vegetarian dishes. A moment of incredible introspection atop the Daimonzaka Hill at the Nachi Taisha Shrine will take guests’ breath away.


Spiritual Japan with Tokyo | 9-day
• For travellers who want to combine the meditative with metropolitan, this is an extended version of the nine-day Spirital Japan with three nights in Tokyo, plus a trip to iconic Mt. Fuji, the country’s tallest peak. Guests will visit the ancient Sensoji Buddist temple, one of Tokyo’s most colourful and popular temples, founded in 628 for an afternoon of quiet reflection and awe-inducing architecture. Travellers will feel the energy of the country through centuries-old traditions merging with futuristic cultural treasures.


Hokkaido Discovery | 5-day
• Famous for being one of Japan’s final frontiers, nature lovers will enjoy the contrast of endless vistas against the buzzing towns of Otaru, Sapporo, Biei and Furano. From dramatic mountains and sprawling lavender fields to a burgeoning wine industry and 19th century mansions, this journey provides travellers with the chance to see the best of the island.


India’s Golden Triangle with Varanasi | 8-day
• This enlightening exploration of India combines the nation’s wondrous icons of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with the colour and vibrancy of Varanasi. Guests will be transported by rickshaw to Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, largely considered to be the most opulent palace of the Mughal Empire. From there, travellers will trek through different spots of worship and history before stopping at the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Colonia Singapore and Malaysia with Beach Stay | 12-day
• An assembly of cultural influences sown over hundreds of years blend together seamlessly on this heritage trip through Singapore, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown. Travellers will explore historical cities to marvel at ancient architecture before venturing into small villages for a truly authentic experience of local foods and handcrafted wares.

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