Travel Industry Promotions & Incentives / Kick-Off 2019 with hoppaGo Agency Incentive

hoppaGo starts 2019 with a prize for you


Ground transportation is so much more than just getting your client from A to B. It is about service, ease of use and getting to their destination comfortably and on time. If not booked correctly, it can almost make or break their leisure or business trip. And therefore, hoppaGo wants to encourage transfer bookings and start 2019 off with a bang!

hoppaGo has decided to run an incentive amongst agencies to encourage their agents to work together as a team and use the prize as a team meal or a trip out together! Who doesn’t like a free meal or drinks?



The competition will run :

January 1 – February 10, 2019


How to enter:

The entry requirement is a minimum of 30 private bookings per agency.


How to win:

The agency with the most private bookings within the allocated time.


Terms and Conditions:

• The competition will run between the January 1 – February 10, 2019
• Any transfer bookings made before or after these allocated dates will not be included in the agencies entry
• The agency that wins the prize is to spend the $150 USD on a meal/drinks/day out for the agents within the agency
• Once the competition is completed and all entries are accounted for, hoppaGo will run a sales report and announce the winner within the week after the competition is completed

Please email if you wish to receive your agent log-in details. To make a booking, visit