Travel Industry Promotions & Incentives / Hola Sun’s Travel Agent Loyalty Program is a Canadian favourite

Get UNLIMITED earnings towards your Cuban vacation

LOCATION: Caribbean

Hola Sun is helping you earn more with more commission, more ways to earn free nights, and more opportunities to travel than ever before! Hola Sun’s loyalty program is definitely a Canadian favourite for a reason.


Vacation Account Agent Loyalty Program

• Travel agents can earn $10 per passenger to be used towards their own
vacation (including companions) with Hola Sun
• Redemption period up to 900 days after the passenger has travelled
• Unlimited earnings
• No booking window applicable & includes existing bookings
• No blackout dates for travel agent redemption


Terms and Conditions

• Valid on air and package products from Toronto only
• Files must reflect same agent name and agency name to calculate earnings
• Accumulated earnings can be redeemed only after clients have departed
• No cash value, non transferable, non refundable
• This program may be withdrawn at any time
• Hola Sun reserves the right to determine which bookings qualify for earnings in case of any disputes
• Passengers includes adults and children (excludes infants)
• Agents can track their bookings and/or Hola Sun will run a report with above
criteria to determine the accumulated earning for each agent during redemption process


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can redeem earnings?

Earnings can only be accredited to the agent whose name is on file.


Do group bookings count towards earnings?

Yes, your air only or package group bookings count.


How do you redeem your earnings?

After verifying your earnings with the Hola Sun sales department you must book your vacation by emailing

You decide where and when you want to spend your holiday and how many passengers are travelling with you. Hola Sun will book you at a system rate minus 8% commission, then adjust the file with your earnings.

No cash value, non transferable, non refundable.


Are you required to sign up?

No sign up required.


Who is considered as a passenger?

Adults and children count towards being a passenger. Infants are excluded.


If agent name is used on one file, but agency ID on another booking will the earnings count
towards same agent?

NO, agent name must be the same on every file in order to redeem earnings. (ex, John Doe OR 010JD on all files, it must be one or the other) If you wish to update any files already booked so that the agent name is the same please email


Is there an expiry or use by date for redeeming the earnings?

Earnings can be redeemed up to 900 days after the passenger has travelled. If the earnings are not used within 900 days post-travel they are no longer valid.


Do I have to use all of my earnings at once?

No, earnings can be used to pay for the total (including taxes) or partial cost of your next holiday with Hola Sun.

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