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Every agent booking in May will empower a female in Nepal

SUPPLIER: Exodus Travels

Without travel agents, Exodus wouldn’t be where it is today. They appreciate the hard work that you do each and every day and wanted to find the perfect way to say thanks. So, this year, they’re doing something a little different to celebrate.


Travel Agent Appreciation

For every booking you make during the month of May, Exodus Travels will donate one Freedom Kit Bag on your behalf.


The Freedom Kit Bags Project

On August 17th, 2018 the Nepalese government banned the ancient and deep-rooted Nepalese practice of Chhaupadi. This outdated and discriminatory custom translates into “untouchable being” and when girls and women have their period they are forbidden to attend school, go to work, be seen in society and many are even banned from their own homes. However, while the tradition is outlawed by the government, without proper education and encouragement there is little hope for a future without Chhaupadi.



Exodus Travels is a proud sponsor of The Freedom Kit Bags Project which helps provide the knowledge and eco-friendly products at-risk Nepalese females need to have a safe and empowering period. These sessions teach girls, women and their husbands about sex education and healthcare, while the Freedom Kit Bags give them sustainable, hygienic, reusable sanitary products to offer females dignity and freedom of movement during a time which they have long been shamed for. So far, Exodus has sponsored 4,500 Freedom Kit Bags to rural and low-income communities across Nepal.


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