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SUPPLIER: Exodus Travels

You work hard to help other people see the world, isn’t it time you got to do a little exploring yourself? That’s why Exodus Travels is pleased to offer agents their Book 10, Go Free initiative.


Book 10, Go Free

For every 10 bookings you make (valued at a minimum of $1,000 or more), you will receive an Exodus tour for free!


Terms and Conditions

1) Client bookings with deposit count towards the Book 10 tally. This includes; scheduled group departures, self-guided, Polar, and Tailormade bookings.

2) Tally is based on bookings with unique booking numbers, not passenger count.

3) Bookings do not expire. The Book 10 tally remains open if agents are working in the industry as full-time travel agent. Bookings transferred to new agents once confirmed will be tallied for the original booking agent at the time of confirmation.

4) If an agent changes shops, your Book 10 tally will change with you.

5) A companion discount of 30% is offered when an agent cashes in their free trip.

6) Split bookings are not permitted. Bookings with 4 passengers or less count as 1 booking towards the Book 10 tally. Bookings with 5 passengers+ count as 2 bookings towards the Book 10 tally.

7) The maximum value of a Book 10 redemption is $2500 for cashing in 10 bookings.

8) If agents would like to cash in 20 bookings, free trip value can be combined. EX. Cashing in 20 bookings will equate to $5000 towards an Exodus trip. Bookings may only be cashed in in groups of 10; leftover redemption amounts are not kept on file.

9) $2500 free trip value may not be used towards; single supplements, pre/post tour hotels, companion trip cost, e-bike hire or any additional services.

10) The companion discount is only valid for one companion traveling on the same file as an agent.

11) Agent discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

12) Standard booking conditions apply to all agent discounts regarding cancellation/changes. Full booking conditions can be found here.

13) Agent discounts do not apply to Polar, Exodus Luxury Collection, Self-Guided itineraries, and Tailormade trips.

14) Booking an agent discounted trip can be completed by contacting the Exodus Travels reservations team.


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