Travel Industry Promotions & Incentives / Commission on wedding packages at Playa Resorts’ Mexico properties

More wedding packages, more ways for you to earn!

SUPPLIER: Playa Hotels & Resorts

Playa Resorts is offering commission on all of its wedding packages in Mexico! The opportunities to earn are endless with a variety of wedding packages and even complimentary weddings and honeymoons!



Playa Hotels & Resorts pays 10% commission on the wedding package and enhancements excluding taxes (16%) and service fees (15%).


How to get your commission

• Complete and submit a Playa Wedding Agent agreement
• The agent must book the wedding in order for it to be commissionable
• The agent needs to make sure their agent/agency information is attached to the wedding
• The best way to guarantee this is by using the Playa Wedding Website
• If not booked via the websites, the agent has up to 30 days from when the client signs the wedding contract to have themselves added
• Commission will be sent to you within 45 days after the wedding takes place


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