/ You’ll never believe the commission on this luxury space hotel

Starting at $9.5 million per person for a 12-day trip

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‘To infinity and beyond’ is the catchphrase that best describes the commission travel agents will earn on a new luxury space hotel.

According to Orion Span, agents who book clients for a future stay at its luxury space hotel will be eligible to receive a flat-rate US$50,000 commission, effective immediately. Yes, you read that right. Fifty. Thousand. Dollars.

Starting at $9.5 million per person, Orion Spans 12-day trips to Aurora Station will begin in 2022, giving clients the chance to be a real-life astronaut. A deposit of $80,000 is required for each traveler and can be placed by traditional payment methods as well as by cryptocurrency. Commissions will be paid in full after completion of the trip.



So what exactly do you get for a $9.5 million trip?

During their stay at Aurora Station, clients will soar 200 miles above the Earth’s surface in Low Earth Orbit , where they’ll enjoy the exhilaration of zero gravity, gaze at the northern and southern aurora, take part in research experiments such as growing food while in orbit and participate in a virtual reality experience on the holodeck.

And in case anyone’s worried about not being able to take a selfie in space, there’s even high-speed wireless Internet access onboard.

The hotel will orbit the earth every 90 minutes, meaning those aboard will see an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. On return to planet earth, guests will be treated to a hero’s welcome.