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An incredible world is waiting

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Life is busy. Juggling careers, friends, families, finances… sometimes it doesn’t leave time for much else. Your annual leave is a precious commodity, and when you trust Exodus with it, they’ll fill it with extraordinary experiences and wonder-filled moments.


The travel bug doesn’t pass

If you loved to travel in your 20s, that wanderlust doesn’t vanish when your career ramps up. A decade or two ago, you may have had epic adventures crisscrossing continents. But just because you have less time to travel, doesn’t mean it has to be run-of-the-mill city breaks and lacklustre fly and flops. An incredible world is waiting, with eye-opening cultures, divine landscapes, thrilling challenges and delicious food.


Shortcut to adventure

Those gap year style adventures where you can roll up your sleeves and get stuck into a destination for weeks, if not months on end are amazing. But short of taking a sabbatical or early retirement, most of us just haven’t got that sort of time anymore.

Adventure holidays don’t have to be grand expeditions to be enlightening and fulfilling – you just need the right plan of attack.




Extraordinary mini-breaks

Exodus Travels has curated trips with those one-of-a-kind experiences and bucket list moments you loved before things got serious in the office. They’ve been smart about the planning and logistics, maximizing what’s possible in less time.

Devote four days to chasing the Northern Lights and scrambling over glaciers in Iceland. Climb a mountain in Morocco over five days. Cram cycling, surfing and yoga into a beachside break in Portugal. It’s impressive what’s possible with just three days of annual leave.


Travel with like-minded people

Come home with more stories than “the weather was nice and I saw a few sights”. Travel in a small group, guided by a local expert. Share epic experiences. Make some lasting friendships. Edge yourself outside your comfort zone. Get off the beaten path, see famous landmarks and feast on genuinely authentic food. It’s great if you want to travel with a friend, but perfect if you’re travelling solo.


Dialling up the experiences

The team who design Exodus trips are proper experts. They know destinations inside out. But when it came to creating new trips for Exodus Edits, they went back to the drawing board to re-think the best way to see famous landmarks, and blended them with lesser-explored areas to get under the skin of a place.

They weaved in opportunities to try local flavours and new activities. Because the places you go is more than snapping a great shot for Instagram (although you’ll get plenty of those), it’s about experiencing life, cultures, and pushing boundaries.




Treading lightly

Mind-blowing adventures shouldn’t come at any cost. Now more than ever we know how important it is to tread lightly in the places Exodus visits, support the communities they visit and leave little trace. Exodus Travels’ responsible travel commitments address how they do this, and their Inspiration Project means that children in the places you visit get the chance to have an adventure of their own too.


Carpe diem

Exodus likes to think you have it all when it comes to travelling the world, even if it’s a bit more bitesize than blockbuster these days. Climb a mountain without sacrificing your promotion. Lead a sledge-team with the same conviction that you lead your meetings. Push your travel expectations beyond your commuter train and swing through a jungle canopy, hike the Himalayas and catch a wave in Costa Rica. Seize the day — there’s a big world waiting.


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