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Providing a safe, comfortable and healthy environment

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Ocean by H 10 Hotels has prepared a set of health and safety protocols based on the measures stipulated by the local, state and global health authorities for all tourism service operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, they created the Ocean Health Care Program designed to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for all their guests and collaborators in all of their facilities.




The OHCP outlines key procedures such as how to welcome guests in a safe way, methodical temperature controls, the sanitization of all facilities and areas, the use of personal protection equipment, as well as providing Ocean by H10 guests with products for hand sanitization, masks and all the necessary information about COVID-19. Their protocols and procedure involve high standards of cleaning and sanitization for all guest and employee areas as well as a methodical system for registration and social distancing guidelines, following the recommendations of the local authorities and the World Health Organization.


Ocean by H10 Hotels stands by its commitment to the quality service and advanced hygiene standards at the forefront of safety and the protection of their guests. This involves a ongoing professional training for Ocean by H10 staff which ensures them the best hygiene and protection protocols.


Ocean by H10 Hotels program includes measures following the recommendations of local authorities and the World Health Organization to avoid the contagion and spread of COVID-19. Their protocols and procedures include high standards of cleaning and sanitization of guest and employee areas.




The health and safety of their guests and staff is number one priority. To help you understand Ocean’s new safety plan, they have outlined the protocols in the four main points:

1. Health and Hygiene
2. Social Distancing
3. Room Sanitation
4. Sanitization of Facilities


Health and Hygiene

Checking of Temperature

Ocean’s security team will perform regular temperature controls. Any person showing a temperature higher than 38°C will have to undergo a secondary control and adequate medical attention.


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Numerous units have been placed different areas of the hotels, available to all the guests and employees, ranging from the entrances, reception, lobby areas, elevators and to all the public areas. In addition to that, the frequency of hand washing has been intensified as a general ruleamongst all our employees and collaborators.




Adequate Signage

Signs and reminders have been installed in all Ocean by H10 hotels, including all the main recommendations for hygiene and safety to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Personal Protective Equipment

Upon arrival, all Ocean by H10 guests will receive a personal protection and hygiene kit. Similarly following the local authorities and international regulations, all their staff will be equipped with the most appropriate protective equipment at all times.



Social Distancing

Preventive Social Distance

Ocean will ensure that their guests maintain a physical distance of at least 2m in the public areas of the hotel at all times.


Service Staff

Ocean’s employees have been instructed to follow the essential rules such as avoiding contact with their face, keeping a distance of 2 m physically with guests and other collaborators.


Meetings and Conventions

For the assembly of halls and banquets, the essential rules of distance will be followed. The service in style of the classic buffet has been replaced by other forms which offer higher security standards.




Point of Sales

Gift Shops, Convenience Stores and other points of sale will not exceed capacity limits based on specific state or local regulations.


Capacity Limitation in Restaurants & Bars

Each of the restaurants has been reorganized and rearranged to ensure adequate distance.





Room Sanitation

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

All rooms will undergo a detailed cleaning process before being occupied by the clients. Every item in the room, such as bathrooms, door handles, TV controls, amenities, etc will be rigorously disinfected. All sheets and linens will be changed and washed daily at high temperatures.



Clothing intended for washing will be placed in sanitary bags in the guests room to eliminate excess contact while being transported to the laundry.




Air Filtration and Climate Control

Ocean by H10 has intensified and increased the frequency of cleaning the air filters of the air conditioning system in each of their rooms to maximize the exchange of fresh air.



Sanitization of Facilities

Public Spaces and Common Areas

The frequency of cleaning and sanitization has increased in all public spaces and common areas, with an emphasis on surfaces of frequent contact such as in gyms, spas, beauty salons, teen’s club, mini club, bowling alleys, etc.



Ocean has reviewed and reinforced the procedures and chemical treatments of all the pools and their corresponding areas. Likewise, all the lounge chairs are continuously sanitized and disinfected after each use.





New environmental health and quality controls have been implemented for greater comfort and safety in one of the most important areas of their resorts, respecting the ecology of our surroundings.


Ocean by H10 hotels use products and cleaning protocols that comply with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and WHO (World Health Organization), which manages global health policies, guidelines and are approved for the effective use against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.