/ Turtles are arriving in Sandos Finisterra

Olive ridley turtles come to Los Cabos

Supplier: Sandos Hotels & Resorts
Location: Mexico

Did you know that Mexico is the country with the most sea turtle species that come to nest?

Sea turtles are arriving at shores all around the country of Mexico even though the olive ridley species is among the most common in the world, it’s already on the endangered species list.

Olive ridley turtles arrive at Los Cabos and the entire Pacific Ocean every year, and they’re one of our most valued guests at Sandos Finisterra.

At Sandos Finisterra, the sea turtle specialists are always watching to see when sea turtles check in to our beach so guest can spot them on time and prepare the environment so they can make their nest.



Important facts to know about the sea turtle reproductive cycle

If your clients spot a turtle while walking along the beach, they must BE CAREFUL! Turtles are not aggressive animals, they’re very beautiful, and yes their nesting process is fascinating, but it’s important for you to keep your distance. They’re in a maternal mood and the first thing they’ll try to do on leaving the ocean is find a safe and quiet place for their babies.

Why? Sea turtles never, EVER get to meet their babies, but this doesn’t mean they don’t care. On the contrary, they’ll check every little detail to make sure their babies will have the best and safest conditions when they hatch, so if they see a human staring at them too closely or for too long, they’ll feel stalked and might dive back into the ocean and not return (sometimes ever again).



What can we do to help the sea turtles?

Sandos’ advice is to work on eliminating the use of plastic products 100%, then during your visit to Los Cabos, visit their biology experts at the hotel, who will tell your clients even more about these amazing creatures. Sometimes people can make so many mistakes without even knowing, and there’s so much we can do to create a better and healthier environment for sea turtles and the rest of the world. At Sandos Finisterra, they truly believe that one hotel can make a difference.

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