/ Sandos Hotels is saying GOODBYE to plastic bottles

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Sandos Hotels & Resorts is in a constant commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of plastic bottles. It is the first company of its kind to adopt this as an absolute measure.


Beyond One Resort

Since the beginning of this year, Sandos Hotels in Spain have participated in this initiative. Now, Sandos hotels in Mexico have joined the effort with it being only a matter of time to meet the goal of reducing the plastic bottles in their resorts.



The Plastic Bottle Dilemma

The issue of plastic bottles is a global problem, and it’s more than the Earth can withstand. Each bottle can take up to a thousand years to degrade, and throughout the process of the degradation of these plastic bottles, microplastics, small pieces of plastics, are created and cause problems for all living species on Earth.

Also, plastic bottles are manufactured with fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource of our planet, which contributes to the generation of greenhouse gases leading to climate change.

Worldwide, the energy required for our consumption of plastic water bottles is 450 million barrels of oil each year, enough to fuel 25.5 million cars for over a year.


Sandos Hotels is saying GOODBYE to plastic bottles



Making A Change

The Sandos Caracol, Sandos Playacar, Sandos Finisterra and Sandos Cancun hotels consumed an average of 35 thousand plastic water bottles per month. This initiative involves the elimination of more than 400 thousand plastic bottles per year.

With these hotels all possessing the Rainforest Alliance certification, this decision was taken by the company as an additional, extreme, and highly necessary measure.

The various efforts that the organization makes to reduce its ecological footprint and strengthen its commitment to the environment and society in general, solidifies as one of the essential banners of the company.


Sandos Hotels is saying GOODBYE to plastic bottles



Will More Hotels Follow?

The hotel chain is confident that other companies in the hotel industry and the public and private sector will also take action immediately and stop the use of plastic bottles!

If we as a world continue this current pace, annual consumption across the globe will surpass a trillion bottles by 2021, far exceeding recycling efforts and further threatening the oceans, beaches, marine life, and other ecosystems.


Sandos Hotels is saying GOODBYE to plastic bottles


Sandos Hotels & Resorts not only positions itself as a benchmark for sustainability in the hotel industry but also seeks, from its principles and values as a company, to demonstrate that with effort and commitment, big businesses can make a positive difference on the planet.


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