/ Revolutionary inaugural series for weddings by Grand Hyatt Seoul

Bringing the beauty of an outdoor wedding inside

Supplier: Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Grand Hyatt Seoul launched their Grand Hyatt Weddings 2018 and aims to offer spectacular celebration concepts to inspire guests and showcase the event creativity and capability of Grand Hyatt Seoul.

The hotel wants to bring the outdoor wedding concepts indoors with their new Grand Hyatt Weddings. They have come out with four sensational concepts:
• Royal (mint and peach)
• Blossom (pink and grey)
• Enchanted (emerald and gold)
• Lavender (purple and green)

These themes will offer an immersive, multi-sensory experiences using:
• Customized video and animation
• Bespoke scent
• Specially composed music
• Breathtaking arrangements of flowers and foliage

Drawing from many decades of experience staging, tens of thousands of weddings and working with leading artisans in the event industry, Hyatt has pulled together an outstanding ‘dream team’ from all corners of the globe to create the myriad elements comprising Grand Hyatt Weddings. It has gathered creatives and professionals at the very top of their game. Working with these industry leaders, Event Design Studio has created wedding concepts that focus on the guest experience and take details beyond the table into a magical, immersive experience.

What to expect

• An ever-changing visual backdrop created by a French digital artist who has created video mapping for buildings in Milan and Paris and worked a with fashion brands.

• Four classical pieces traditionally associated with weddings to complement each concept have been reworked by a composer along with selected musicians form the Hong Kong Philharmonic.

• Play-lists to accompany the entire event from cocktails to dinner to dancing.

• Subtle dry scents, crafted by French scent specialist, will complement each wedding concept will provide olfactory ambiance to pre-function areas,

• Outstanding cakes have been created by the UK-educated Shanghainese designer behind the ten-foot tall, nine-layer, carousel-shaped cake created for A-list actors Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy.

• A vast array of furniture and equipment specifically for the concepts, from elegant trolleys for canapés and petits fours to rattan breadbaskets shaped to serve French baguettes to a custom-made Champagne tower designed to effortlessly hold magnum-sized bottles.

Almost every aspect of the concepts can be personalized by the wedding couple, from using their own logo in the stationery to adding photographs to the decorations or cookies to incorporating their favorite songs in the musical play-lists.

To keep anticipation levels high, and add to the Grand Hyatt Weddings portfolio, Event Design Studio will launch a new collection of concepts every January. Now, weddings of the highest order – typically available only to tycoons, multi-millionaires and celebrities – will be accessible at Grand Hyatt Seoul through Grand Hyatt Weddings.

For more information visit hyatt.com