/ Rent a Finn to be your Happiness Tour Guide around Finland

Get a free trip to Finland along with a Happiness Guide

Supplier: Visit Finland
Location: Europe

Finland is hoping to attract more visitors in 2019 by launching a unique tourism campaign called Rent a Finn.

Finland is looking to save the world from stress by pairing travels with Finnish happiness guides. This, with a free trip to Finland. The goal? Learn about true happiness and get immersed in Finnish traditions and culture.

Why did Visit Finland choose to focus on happiness guide? According to a UN study, Finland is the world’s happiest country due in part to its unique connection to nature.

The Rent A Finn program will take place in the summer of 2019. Travelers can enjoy many aspects of the great Finnish outdoors through hiking, biking, fishing and more.

The campaign is currently recruiting eight Finns to become happiness guides, and travelers can apply starting March 18, 2019, to be hosted by a Finnish happiness guide. These visits will be absolutely free!


Find out about how you can apply by visiting rentafinn.com