/ Ocean by H10 Hotels Coral & Turquesa a renewed experience

A new attraction for the youngest children and much more!

Supplier: Ocean by H10 Hotels
Location: Caribbean

At Ocean by H10 Hotels, they are constantly looking for the enhancement and innovation of their services and facilities, always with the aim of providing the public with options and experiences that exceed their expectations.

Ocean by H10 Hotels is deeply proud to inform you that Ocean Coral & Turquesa has recently completed the renovation of different areas such as 2 receptions and the main restaurant Casa del Mar. They have also inaugurated their ice-cream parlor, available for all guests, next to a swimming pool.



In their desire for continuous improvement and thinking mostly about the youngest children, the hotel chain will soon make the most expected improvement aimed at the family audience. It’s a mini water park, in order to avoid any slight inconvenience that may arise during the stay of their clients, this swimming pool will be out of service for a limited time. All the activities will be concentrated in the other three available pools and we will also reinforce our entertainment program for 45 days around.

As soon as they confirm the official opening date, they will be informing you about the new attraction, which they hope you will enjoy.

For more information, visit oceanhotels.net