/ Goway Asia tests world’s longest commercial flight to Signapore

An 18.5-hour journey from Newark, New Jersey to Singapore

Supplier: Goway Travel

The world’s longest commercial air route has returned to the skies aboard a brand new Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900ULR. Belinda MacNeil, Product Manager for Goway Asia, settled into her Premium Economy seat for the 18.5-hour journey from Newark to Singapore.

Singapore is one of Goway’s most popular gateways to Southeast Asia.


Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900ULR

With 94 Premium Economy and 67 Business class seats, boarding the flight was quick and efficient, with passengers having time to get settled into the new, spacious seating. Tray tables were stowed in armrests that cannot be raised, a format that allows for a bigger screen for in-flight entertainment.

A wide body and high ceilings ensure a spacious cabin, while carefully controlled lighting encourages rest and relaxation, with no sudden bright lights turned on after hours in a dark cabin. Meals came in portions large and regular enough to get through the 18 hours.


Goway Asia tests world’s longest commercial flight to Signapore


During this epic flight, there was lunch/breakfast, dinner and a refreshment before landing. The galley was also open with snacks for moments of hunger in between servings. On the return flight, Belinda took advantage of the ‘Book the Cook’ option, which allows travellers to choose their meals from the in-flight menu prior to travelling.

Passengers who book this option also receive their food first, as if it were a special meal. Belinda highly recommends the flight, particularly to those who would like to lessen the number of connecting flights to Southeast Asia.

Or, she recommends it for those who wish to experience business class or premium economy as a bucket list item.

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