/ Exodus Travels has released a new documentary on the Female Porters

Sharing the Stories of the Women of Kilimanjaro

Supplier: Exodus Travels
Location: Africa

Exodus Travels has released a new 22-minute documentary, Ngumu, which tells the story of pioneering young female porters changing the face of Mt Kilimanjaro through the trekking experience of Team GB Hockey champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Crista Cullen.

In Tanzania the Swahili word for porter is ‘Ngumu’ which translates to ‘tough.’ The powerful documentary raises awareness of the challenges and advancements of women on the mountain and promotes the growth of the female workforce.


Serena (a Kilimanjaro porter) and Crista Cullen at camp


Crista, who has Kenyan heritage and speaks Swahili, set out to experience exactly what these women do each day and to experience life as a female porter. It was the first-time Crista had ever climbed a mountain and she completed the journey up Kilimanjaro carrying a 20kg bag on her head, and a small rucksack on her back, as the locals do.



Exodus has operated the Kilimanjaro treks for over 30 years. Female and male porters are considered to be the backbone of these climbs, allowing travelers to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit in comfort.

As part of one of their charitable initiatives, the Porter Project, Exodus provides sponsorship programs to locals, which includes first aid courses, English tuition and a guide training course. This year, Exodus sponsored two female porters to complete the Mweka Guide Certification Course.



Adventurers can help support the porters of Kilimanjaro and take on their own challenge to reach the summit on these routes with Exodus Travels:

Lemosho Route
Rongai Route

To watch a short documentary, please visit exodustravels.com.