/ Exodus Travels named Which? Recommended Provider

Recommended Provider with a customer score of 90%

Supplier: Exodus Travels
Location: Other

Exodus Travels is absolutely thrilled to announce that they have been named Which? Recommended Provider with a customer score of 90%. They are the only adventure tour operator in this category to have received this badge of honor.

Their travelers are at the heart and soul of what Exodus Travels do, and to know that they have earned trust to this degree is of great importance to them. Those travelers would choose to score them so highly in an independently verified survey warms Exodus Travels’ hearts.



Because that 90% rating is based solely on the customer scores. It’s decided by a combination of overall satisfaction and likelihood of recommending the company in question to a friend (which reflects their own feedback from our customers, 97% of whom have told that they would recommend Exodus Travels to a friend).

Which? Then go on to score their accommodation, customer service, description matching reality, escorted tour itinerary, organization and value for money, all of which were thoroughly considered before the highly coveted Recommended Provider status could be assigned.

Exodus is the only adventure travel company within the ‘Escorted Tour Providers’ category to have been award Recommended Provider status. As well as their 90% customer rating, Exodus Travels was also given five-star ratings for the tour, organization of the holiday and ‘description matching reality’.

For more information exodustravels.com