/ Exodus Travels Cures Back – To-School Nostalgia with Educational Adventures

Get schooled with visits to archaeological sites, hands-on cooking classes and responsible wildlife safaris

Supplier: Exodus Travels

Dynamic, engaging, and deeply rewarding, travelling abroad is often educational as well as just plain old fun. Ideal for those who never want to stop learning, Exodus Travels invites knowledge-craving travellers to pack their bags and head straight to the source of earth’s greatest discoveries, ancient civilizations and evolving species with their 600+ tours to 100+ countries worldwide. History buffs can decipher ancient Aztec ruins, budding chefs can perfect their pizza making in Sicily, animal lovers can study Darwin’s theories in the Galapagos and aspiring photographers can sharpen their lenses on lions in Africa. Like a mobile classroom, Exodus has partnered with renowned photographers, chef, biologists and naturalists to enrich their international journeys.

For a fresh take on ‘back-to-school,’ check out Exodus’ top educational trips below:

Galapagos Islands | 11-days from $5,385 CAD

Spend seven-nights on a first-class schooner exploring the islands and wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and subsequent book On the Origin of Species after his visit in 1835. With Exodus’ naturalist guide, snorkel with sea lions and rays, watch the courting rituals of blue-footed boobies, visit the giant tortoise breeding centre, and marvel at the largest colony of penguins in the Galapagos.

Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Hidden Treasures of Jordan | 12-days from $2,405 CAD

The desert landscape of Wadi Rum sets the stage for a 12-day jaunt across this Holy Land’s ancient cities like Petra, dating back to 300 B.C., famously dotted with tombs and temples carved into the pink sandstone cliffs. A religious mosaic, Jordan is sacred for its connection to Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Mohammed.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest | 15-days from $3,985 CAD

Study the Amazon ecosystem as you cruise to your jungle lodge camouflaged within the Tambopata Reserve. Trace the high-altitude footsteps of ancient Incas from Cusco, once the centre of the largest empire in pre-Columbian America, to the 15th century citadel of Machu Picchu. Enjoy a lesson on island-living with a homestay on Amantani Island.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Sicily Food Adventures | 8-days from $1,995 CAD

Sample Palermo’s fragrant street food, and learn from local chefs during a cooking class in Trapani, where foodies can taste the influences of Greek, Spanish, French and Arab cultures that established themselves on the island thousands of years ago. Sip and swirl full-bodied reds in Etna, home of Europe’s highest active volcano, and where Zeus trapped the monster of Typhon, according to ancient Greek mythology.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure

Cycling in Greece | 8-days from $1,895 CAD

Cycle the birthplace of western civilization taking paths that lead to ancient Greek sites, such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Forum and the towering Acropolis. Cruise to Galatas by boat, and cool off in the Aegean Sea before cycling through ancient olive groves and vineyards, sampling local cuisine along the way.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Iceland Northern Lights | 5-days from $2,145 CAD

Travel across Iceland’s coast of evolving landscapes and active volcanoes and follow in the footsteps of Viking settlers that travelled here in the late 9th century A.D. Search for the dancing Northern Lights, and learn how the light in the Earth’s atmosphere creates this stunning phenomenon. Don crampons and climb glaciers before soaking in the Blue Lagoon’s thermal baths.

Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Gorillas & Masai Mara | 16-days from $4,885 CAD

Gain a deeper understanding of Africa’s ecological pyramid with a classic game drive through the Masia Mara, encountering lions, cheetahs, zebras and wildebeest. Trek through the undergrowth of Parc National des Volcans in Rwanada to spot mountain gorillas, mankind’s closest known relative.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Cycling India’s Hill Stations | 16-days from $2,245 CAD

An active lesson in world religion, cycle to sacred Hindu temples and Tibetan monasteries and follow the famous ridgeline that was first extolled by Penelope Chetwode, daughter of the Commander in Chief of the British Army in India in 1931. Visit historic farms, tea plantations and spend time with the locals.

Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Journey to Persia | 15-days from $4,065 CAD

Experience a rare opportunity to explore ancient Persian relics, like the magnificent Persepolis where the earliest remains date back to 515 B.C. Study the Zoroastrian heritage, one of the oldest world religions, and visit its important sites like the Fire Temple, which houses a flame said to have been burning for more than 1,500 years. Travel to Maymand, one of Iran’s troglodyte villages and meet with cave dwelling locals.

Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Cycling in Mongolia | 15-days from $3,775 CAD

Cycle the countryside of Mongolia following the travelogue of Venetian merchant Marco Polo, the first European to leave a detailed chronicle of his experience in China and Central Asia. During his 24 years of travel, Polo befriended Kublai Khan, the Mongol Empire who conquered China and founded the Yuan Dynasty. During the ride, pass the Khunjiin River where burial grounds lay from 8th Century A.D. and spend a night in a traditional nomadic Ger camp.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Beyond the Mayan World | 15-days from $3,355 CAD

Travel back 3000 years and explore Mexico’s mysterious archaeological sites like the Great Pyramid of Cholula, one of the largest pyramids in the world. Fill up on tortillas and mole sauce in Oaxaca before crossing into Guatemala in search of Aztec carvings lost deep in the jungle.

Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Classic Vietnam & Angkor | 14-days from $2,965 CAD

Relive war history in hidden caves and tunnels used by the Viet Cong, visit the 4th century burial site of Cham kings, and see evidence of Vietnam’s occupation during a walk through Hanoi’s French Quarter. The journey ends at the largest religious monument in the world, mind-blowing Angkor Wat. Hidden deep within the Cambodian jungle, the complex once reigned as the greatest kingdom in Asia.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure


Walking the Great Wall | 9-days from $1,595 CAD

Journey along the Great Wall, an Ancient Wonder of the World. The unifying of its fortifications was first commissioned by Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. Hike its most remote sections such as Mutian Yu, built in the mid-6th century B.C. and used as a barrier defending the capital and imperial tombs. Return to the capital city of Beijing and wander the courtyards of the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square.
Exodus Travels Educational Adventure