/ Exodus Porters had a chance to experience Machu Picchu & The Inca Trail

Many Exodus Porters have never seen this paramount piece of their own heritage, but Exodus is here it fix it!

Supplier: Exodus Travels
Location: Central/South America

Exodus Porters, they’re the beating heart of the Inca Trail. At its highest point – Dead Woman’s Pass – the trail reaches a staggering 4,215m above sea level. But it’s not just the high altitude the porters have to contend with… every rucksack they carry weighs a hefty 20kg.


Machu-Picchu-and-The-Inca-Trail Exodus-Travels


Tackling this tough terrain with incredible agility and expertise, Exodus porters work tirelessly so that by the time their trekking group arrive, a comfortable camp and a delicious home-cooked meal awaits them. Physical strength is integral, but it’s their inspiring positivity and warmth which makes walking the Inca Trail in Peru an unforgettable adventure.


Machu Pichu Tourism

Each year, tourists travel from across the globe to fulfil a lifelong aspiration to see the archaeological phenomenon that is Machu Picchu. As the trekkers set out on the final leg towards the Sun Gate for their first glimpse upon ‘that’ iconic scene, their Exodus porters have already begun their descent to Aguas Calientes where they’ll prepare for the next trip.

Although it’s common practice, at the end of the trek, porters miss out on visiting Machu Picchu. Many have never seen this paramount piece of their own Peruvian heritage.


Carried Away: Porter Project

Filmed in 2018, The Carried Away: Porter Project saw Exodus take the first step in balancing this industrywide norm. As part of the film, Exodus took a group of porters to see Machu Picchu and decided to extend this so that all of their Inca Trail porters will get the same opportunity.


Machu-Picchu-and-The-Inca-Trail Exodus


Exodus Travels is the first tour operator to ever do this and they’re extremely excited to help their loyal team of 100 local porters to learn about Peru’s history and the Inca Empire, just like Exodus customers do – although for the porters the tour will be conducted in their native Quechuan language!

The dedication, spirit and humour of the Inca Trail porters has been captured in their Carried Away short film. Watch the video and find out what happens when one Irishman takes on the Inca Trail as a porter!



If you’d like to find out more about the Inca trail, take a look at some of Exodus Travels exciting tours here.



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