/ Disney’s new app makes waiting in line actually enjoyable!

Disney even makes waiting in line a magical experience

Supplier: Walt Disney World
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Waiting in line is the worst. But leave it to Disney to make even that a magical experience. The new Play Disney Parks app features several themed games that can only be played while waiting in line for a ride. How does it do this? It uses Bluetooth technology to track when you’re standing in line to unveil a series of ‘missions’, with clues hidden on nearby walls.

Beacon sensors are so sophisticated that gameplay is scaled for each user, no matter if they’re standing in line for 10 minutes or over an hour. And since we’re talking about Disney here, it can even activate special effects around you, like rockets flying overhead and the appearance of Tinkerbell inside a lantern.


Disney’s new app


But the best part? It’s designed to be played by the whole family using just one phone, encouraging all members to pass the phone around and participate.

So for any parent worried about prolonged screen time, the app actually enhances the visitor experience, engages users with their surroundings, promotes family bonding and forces people to interact with the world around them. Hard to believe that an app can do all that, but again, we’re talking about Disney here.

Disney’s Play app is free on iOS and Android and works at Disneyland Resort and all four parks at Walt Disney World.

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