/ Check-in online with the new Sandos App

No more waiting in line to check-in upon arrival

Supplier: Sandos Hotels & Resorts
Location: Mexico

The Sandos Hotels & Resorts group has launched the first version of a new app which allows clients to check-in online before they arrive at the hotel, which means no more waiting in line to check-in upon arrival.

Once a client has checked-in online via the app, they can head straight to reception to collect their keys and then head directly to their room. The new app is available for iOS users in the Apple Store, and also for Android users in Google Play, and can be used at any of Sandos hotels in Mexico and Spain.


Sandos App Features

Future updates of the app will not only allow clients to check-in online, but will also provide additional features such as:

• Interactive hotel maps highlighting points of interest
• Restaurant information including opening times, menus, dress codes, and more
• Event calendar highlighting which events are coming up during the clients stay
• Activity timetable displaying information about day and night-time activities
• Weather forecasts and real-time data
• As the app is interactive, clients can set reminders and allow notifications about upcoming activities and events, so they will never miss out on anything during their stay


Through the launch of the new app, Sandos Hotels & Resorts aims to reinforce their brand commitment to providing more value and a higher level of customer service to their clients.