/ Be Live welcomes Melody Maker to Cancun

Focused on a different type of entertainment

Supplier: Melody Maker Cancún
Location: Mexico

Focused on a different type of entertainment, Melody Maker Hotels, the new brand that Be Live Hotels has released in Cancun, aims to “revolutionize traditional hospitality, break the basic standards of entertainment, cuisine, music, etc.”, in the words of its CEO, Javier Blanco.


The new hotel is aimed to target an audience in the age range of 35 to 50 years with a medium-high income level “who wants to live new experiences”.

Gastronomy will be another of The Melody Maker Hotel’s strengths. “There will be theme restaurants like in any all-inclusive, but we will move out from the classics. Their offer will be allocated on the same tier of specialty restaurants in New York or London, both in their decoration and gastronomy levels”, says Blanco.


The goal of Be Live is to stimulate all the senses of its clients, therefore aromatherapy as well as music will be especially important in this hotel.

Melody Maker debuts in Cancun, but the hotel chain plans to expand the concept to other destinations in both holiday and urban segments. Sun destinations like Los Cabos, Punta Cana and Aruba are of interest, while in the urban segment the focus is on Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Sao Paulo. “We have realized that these are cities with a significant growth in business travel, but they lack in modern, fashionable hotels… the kind of hotels where things happen”.

The Melody Maker Hotel Cancun is a five-star plus hotel “modern and innovative”, according to Javier Blanco, “it’s like a Las Vegas hotel in Cancun”.